Monday, August 28, 2006

Sept 8th, GAME in Hwajung

Sherrie who plays with us from time to time is inviting us to play her team that plays in Hwajung. Hwajung is North West of the city, on the orange line # 3. The game is from 9-11pm on Friday, September 8th. If you are ineterested in playing, leave a comment here or better yet, email

New !! Directions to Hwajung rink

By subway:Option 1: Orange line #3 to Wondang station (317) and go left out the exit. Walk up the hill going away from the intersection. Cross the street using the pedestrian overpass. At the first set of lights you come upon turn right. Walk down, less than 5 minutes, and you will see the big complex on your right. The Starsands ice rink is at the end of the main walkway on the left. We play on the B1 ice surface, so take the elevator down. Approx. 15 minutes walking total.
Option 2: Orange line #3 to Hwajeong station (316) and take the Kookmin Bank exit (not sure of the number). There's a taxi stand on that side of the street. Tell the Goyang taxi driver to go to "Olym ice rink". It should take less than 5 minutes to get there, so if it's taking more time then they've gone the wrong way. The Starsands ice rink is at the end of the main walkway on the left. We play on the B1 ice surface, so take the elevator down.The sports complex has a huge soccer field with big lights so it's hard to miss

Dooo it !

Tbone #3

In so far are:
Terry (Goal)
Marc Roberts ( heeee's baaaack)
Big "D" Darren

M.I.B.'s 11, Chiefs 0

Today being Monday, means that yesterday was Sunday. That means we had hockey! We had a good crew show up Sunday morning (some earlier than others.....haha) Man, it just makes the day so much better when we have numbers! We had three on each bench, which is perfect for a good skate.
I can only comment on what happened on the ice from about 8:30 onwards...My drunken roommate and inebriated stairwell troll, took their time to get rolling to the rink. Once on the ice it seemed like a pretty good match up until I received a perfect pass from Lee, that cleared my stick by a foot after hitting an M.I.B. (Mokdong Ice Bump) The M.I.B's would play a key role in Sunday's game, acquiring over half of the points I would say. As many said, it was like playing pond hockey out there. Not only did the M.I.B's have a huge amount of points for both sides...they were out in full force taking out skaters. I saw Craig get taken down about three times, Karl, Spark, Steve, Rowe and myself. The BUMP with the most THUMP however, went to bump number 132, when it took Darren, Big 'D' down. Ouch! That was a hard fall !! But He was good to go for a few beers after the game though. I just wonder why he kept smelling burnt toast and calling us all by the name Emily...I assume you're ok Darren....haha
The Whites would take it to the reds for a good part of this match-up with a last quarter rally by the whites. Rene and Tommy played as well as they could considering they had a line of MIB's waiting to tip every puck.
After the skate many joined Birthday boy Karl, for some za at Pizza Hut, followed by a few cool brews at the Family Mart. Good times! Wish I could have stayed and went for the record 11 hours at a convince store.
Good to see new faces again on the ice. All are welcome, and for those who have been with us a while...make them feel welcome. Having three on the bench is better than three on the ice !
See you Sunday! Bring your MIB scrapers, or Aaron G will be pissed!!
Your three stars are
#3 new skaters!!
#2 Puke and Play, Trevor Rowe
#1 M.I.B # 132

Tbone #3

Friday, August 25, 2006

7Eleven Birthday Wishes

I am celebrating my Birthday this weekend and I thought, since hockey is at 8am on Sunday, it would be best to not go out on Saturday night but instead get Team 7eleven (of which you area all honourary members) together. So at 10-1030am we will go eat in Hyundai and then we will walk to 7eleven for 1130 or 12pm. We will sit around a weathered white plastic table and purchase a cheap beverage of choice from 7eleven. We will sit, enjoy the sun, talk trash and then go home when we've had enough sun and fun. Oh and if Zeus decides to throw some rain on our party we do have a plan B. We WILL go to a Soul-Jip nearby.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chiefs Fantasy HOCKEY 2006

The Chiefs have registered a fantasy hockey league on yahoo. It should be a blast. All, of course, ae welcome to join. I set it up so it will be simple and easy for everyone. We will pick

2 LW
2 RW
2 C
3 Forwards
4 DMen
2 Goalies

The point system is real easy too.

We will have three categories:
Assists and
GAA for goalies

Now here is the interesting part: It will be a Head-to-Head League which means that every week your team will go head-to-head against another team in the league (it's one vs. one)
The team with the most goals, assists and/or best GAA will win. It's as simple as that. I am hoping to get at least 10 people signed up in this. The more the merrier. It should be an even number of teams so everyone gets to play every week.

We will hold a draft after hockey one Sunday in late September or early October.
To join the league just go to and follow the instructions. You want to join an existing custom league. The league ID# is 7102 and the password is chiefs.

To make it interesting I think we could put 10 bucks each in the pot. If ten teams sign up then

1st place will receive 90 and 2nd place will get his/her money back (10)

3rd and the rest will be playing for pride.

An addition to the money, 2nd place will buy first place a beer. 3rd will buy 2nd a beer, 4th will buy 3rd a beer, 5th will buy 4th a beer, etc. Basically, last place gets no beer. Oh and you could substitute beer for orange juice if you so prefer.

Note: The league is set but the rules aren't. If you would like to change something we could go over it and if it makes sense than changes will be made. For example, I am not against scratching goalies all together and just keeping skaters.

Note 2: If enough alumnies want to join then we will make another league which will have a live online draft so the alumnies can participate

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

3rd Rocky Mtn Scavenger Hunt

Hello all,
Corry and the boys at the RMT wanted me to let the team know that their annual scavenger hunt is being held on Saturday September 16th at 3pm. Meet at the RMT at this time.
I remember sitting at the bar last year while this was going on and it looked like it was well run and a good time. I think I'll try and get in it this year.
Your team will get a large list of things to find or accomplish in the Itaewon area. Some things will require photographic proof that you did do such task. Kiss someone on hooker hill I do remember was one...hummm..?? A good knowledge of the bars and Itaewon in general, will be a big help to your team. I don't know if there is a team size limit. We may need a home and away team...
So for any questions, you can reply here and I'll see if I can find out the answers. Anyone interested!? Oh and I think this is an afternoon drinking event....didn't think I had to mention that....
Tbone #3

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An Addition to SPARK's post: A Nail Biter

Don't forget that hockey is at 8am this Sunday and if we have another piss poor showing like last week than the Chiefs will officially be in the hole. I am as guilty as everyone else for not showing but I will be there this Sunday.

Fom what I heard from Corey it was 4 on 4 last week with one goalie and S.Hawkins collected the money. Sorry for not showing up (I slept right through my alarm...I didn't even hear it go off. I woke up with Corey's call at 10)

So if anyone who was there last Sunday wants to do a write-up it would be great. Take it easy and see you this Sunday.

P.s. The 'jersey colours' poll will end at the end of August and whatever colour has the most votes will win. Right now it looks like a tight race between
1st place:blue/red
2nd place:blue/yellow
3rd place: red/black

there's still time to vote so get on it.

A Nail Biter

Well it only took over a week to get this posted but I thought as one of the contributers to this site, I should contribute. Last Sunday the 13th the Iceholes rolled into Chiefs territory once again for a fierce battle. The noon start was beneficial for both teams especially all who attended Tbone's 30th the night before. Wow. That kinda got outta control. Anyways, the puck finally dropped at around 12:15 with Jonny "Chuck Norris" I forget his last name, and a first time Chief whose name also eludes me playing the roles of the zebras. We fell behind 3-0 early but rallied to tie it up in the second on goals by Lee, Deuls, and yours truly. I don't think we ever had the lead the rest of the way (I can't remember much of the game at all) but we kept it close on strong tending by Tommy, the sniping of our top line (Geddes, Duels, RMT Corry), and Lee's work in the face-off circle. Well, I don't know about that last one. Other highlights included their goalie who robbed a lot of us including Big D in the waning minutes, that pro guy (man he was good), and our old friend Walter going hard into the boards but relieving his pain with a butt between every shift. Anyways, final score, Incheon 11, Chiefs 10.

1st Star: That pro guy for playing at 50% and still making us look bad.

2nd Star: The Goalies. They had a lot of shots. Good work.

3rd Star: The Refs. Chuck Norris can do anything.

Honorable mention: Tbone's and my cab driver for belting out Lionel's Richie's, "Say You, Say Me" on the way to the rink. Man, he was into it!

See you all on Sunday.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New S.C.C. Colours ...or maybe not

From what we can deduce from the poll results, it looks like most Chiefs are in favour of having new jerseys made in time for our Fall tourney and 3rd anniversary celebrations. The first step to be taken is to see what colours you'd like to sport and then we'll give you some options on styles and looks. So I made a poll with various colour combinations. Make your choice and click your mouse. It's as easy as that. Oh and if you don't care then think of the possibilitity of you wearing a pink jersey in a month or so....start caring man, start caring or don'a com'a sulking to us later.

P.s. DOn't worry about what colours other teams are sporting cause we'll have an entirely different design and, even if the colours are similar, it won't look anything alike.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back from Vacation

Hey all,
the Spark and I are back from a great two weeks in the Philippines. We were doing a snorkling trip around the island of Boracay and found this boat on the beach. Man did we ever get a kick out of that!! You can't wear 99!! But on a boat made of Bamboo, GO FOR IT !!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


We have a game scheduled for Sunday at 12pm against our sister team the EVIL ICEHOLES. If you want to play please write it in the comment section of this post. There should be enough room for everyone and anyone who wants to play. I am a little scared for our numbers because it's Trevor's birthday on Saturday and I have a feeling the festivities won't end at 10pm.

Get you game faces on!! We've been losing badly in the last few games we've had. How the tide has turned. It would be nice to be a little more competitive this time around.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A full team & Tbone's 30th

A full team with two subs on each bench and two able bodies tending nets? Thats right boyz and gals, a full team on full ice stalagmites and all. The mighty whites were stacked against the colorful rainbow team (reason number 7 why we need jerseys) and both teams had two (thats right count them, two) subs sipping water on their bench. Once it was evident that we were going to have enough players, we noticed that we didnt have any goalies so a couple of volunteers were picked from the bunch to tend nets. The lucky chosen ones were Ryan at one end and me at the other. Ryan did quite well, especially around the end of the ice time when he was actually diving for pucks. He definitely won the goalie battle we had going. As for me, it was probably the worst outing Ive had between the pipes. The white goalie skates suck. First they were insanely sharp and then I took Coreys amazing insight and I walked on concrete which made my skates dull all right, just not evenly. I had absolutely no lateral movement whatsoever. Needless to say, I blame everything on the skates. As for the view from outside the crease, the white team led by Speedy Jack won the team competition by a few rounds of three. Jack was his normal self making everyone look like pylons out there. Oh and before I forget, a strange happening occurred last Sunday, Coreys ju-jitsu-god-bless-you workouts seem to have had an affect on more than his strenuous relationship with high school bullies. He has somehow developed a slap-shot within the past week or so (and it got off the ice AND it almost made it to the top corneractually it beat me on the short side, I was so awe-struck that I couldnt move.) Chuckey Norrisey also needs a mention as he continues to improve from Sunday to Sunday. He keeps on scoring goals, and not just one or two. All in all, it was a great skate.

1st Star: Corey Not so Scrawny Slapshot

2nd Star: Ryan Cassavant for winning the goalie challenge

3rd Star: Norris, Chuck Norris.

A few notes about the team,

1. It was great to see a full roster out there as it covered our ice time.

2. As previously mentioned, there is no Wednesday hockey this month.

3. We are thinking of getting jerseys made and it would be great if you guys developed an opinion and voted in the poll there on your right.

4. Next, we may be holding a game on Sunday. This isnt set in stone because there may be a problem with numbers which brings me to my next bit of news

5. It is Trevor a.k.a. Tbones B-day this week and he will celebrate it on Saturday. If you are reading this then you are welcome to come out and raise a glass in honor of Tbones 30th birthday. You should call Mark, a.k.a. Sparky, for all info. His number is (010)7997-1978 crank calls are encouraged and welcome.

6. New pics have been added to our Flickr site. Check them out and if you have any pics of the team you want to share with the team, don't hesitate to send then to the team.

Next Sunday is at 12pm again. Be there. Tbones 30th is Saturday. Be there.

Keep your eyes on the play,


Friday, August 04, 2006

Alumni Numbers?

The team is thinking of getting new jerseys done in time for the 3rd Chiefs anniversary/Fall Tourney and I was wondering what numbers have already been taken by past and present Chiefs.

From the top of my head I can think of a few

00 Sirius
3 Trevor sold to Corey Day for beer
4 Gordo "Chicks call me" Brayden
7 Scott Van Slyke
9 Kris "Big Daddy" Kolanko
10 Karl Dancause
11 Marc Roberts
12 Brian Davis
13 Steve sold to Tyler Dueling for beer
17 Paul Novak
18 Jae Lee
19 Gabe "the Toque" Boldt
22 Kyle "Kamikaze" Hawkins
26 Jeremy Sands
27 Mike Chretien
33 Trevor "Tbone" MacDonald
666 Tyler "Killdo" Page

I don't know what steve's new number is. Actually, I don't know a bunch of numbers so if YOU want a number or you already have a number please post it in the comments. If you want to change your number or you want to ask someone if you could have their number than post it in the comments. The Chiefs have been know to trade numbers for beer...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

AUGUST Icetimes

We only have four icetimes this month. So if you're still in Korea for the summer heat come cool yourself off at the rink.

Sunday August 6th 12:00pm~2:00pm

Sunday August 13th 12:00pm~2:00pm

Sunday August 20th 8:00am~10:00am

Sunday August 27th 8:00am~10:00am

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poll result: And your Alumni starting line-up is.....

LW Kyle‘Kamikaze’ Hawkins

C Gordo‘Chicks call me’ Brayden

RW Gabe‘The Toque’Boldt

LD Scott ‘X-Factor’ McDougal

RD Ed ‘Refsuse to Write his Nickname’ McEntee

G Paul ‘The Wall’ Sabin

Now you can all stop voting for yourselves. smiles

The Circus is in Town - No Wednesdays in August


because the Russian circus is in town. This should solve our numbers problems

Low Numbers in the Summer Heat

The summer heat has finally entered the land of morning calm and with it has brought the idea of summer fun and summer plane rides to far away lands. From the dawn of the first Chiefs skate, we have had a very difficult time filling summer rosters and this year has not been any different.

The team has been steadily losing money for some time now. It is a bit of a concern as we cant afford to lose much more or else well be in the red. Unfortunately, we dont have a bank to bail us out if that ever occurs. Our only alternative would be to cease one of our ice times and hope that we can get it back come September. That said I believe we only need to make it through this month and then we can hold a fund-raiser in September to help keep us afloat. We will also hold an inter-squad tourney in mid to late September (at least thats the plan) which will also help the team (not to mention that itll be a blast.) One of the ideas mentioned has been to have business cards made so everyone on the team can help recruit some skaters. Well see how it goes.

Last Wednesday was a tight skate reminiscent of early Chiefs outings. We had one sub, four skaters and two skinny goalies called Iron and Pipe. It was an amazing skate, fast paced and filled with nice rushes. Iron put up a good fight but was no match for the dark team who repeatedly hit him between the eyes. First star was awarded to the subs who gave everyone time to catch their breaths. The Second star was awarded to all ten players who showed up for the skate without them we wouldnt even have a team right now. The third star was awarded to Pipe for playing that much better than Iron.

Sunday was a game of first. The numbers were again disappointing (down to 9 skaters) but we did have two brave souls strap on the pads; Stand-up Tommy at one end and Aaron Geddes at the other. Thats right Ryan, you missed your chance to wind-up and slap one right to Aaron. For a guy who refused to play nets, Aaron played pretty well. He had a few lapses when he forgot where he was and started skating around the net as if he was playing D. He then quickly realized that goalie skates dont have any edges and flew all over the ice. Still, he was definitely in the top tier of first time goalies for the Chiefs. This was his second try at stopping pucks; the first of which was back in Atom hockey. First Star: Aaron for getting over his fear of the puck. Second Star: Tommy for being a trooper and tending nets even though it aggravated his knee. Third Star: The stalagmites that are ever growing on the downstairs ice.

The big story of the past few ice times has been our very low numbers. Hopefully we can find a way to remedy this before it gets out of control.

I haven't heard anything about the August ice times yet...