Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice in December ='s Good Times

December is upon us, so here are our ice times. For those fortunate enough to get away for the holidays, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! For those who can't, happy holidays, and come on out and play! We have some really good ice times this month. And we should, like the past 3 years, have a Christmas day ice time.
On the 10th, I am trying to gear up a new team photo. If you want to be in it, be there, it's just that simple. See you on the ice !

Sun3rd -------10am-12pm
Sun10th------10am-12pm(Team Photo)
Sun31st-------10am-12pm (Game vs Inchon)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Money Money Money

Hello Chiefs,
Some of you owe for Jerseys from the first order. The Chiefs kitty is covering you for now and is need of payment.
They Kitty is also covering those who are not up to date on locker fees.

Please pay what you owe.

December 8th Game with Ilsan Eagles

Canceled ..... maybe another chance in the new year...sorry

T-bone #3

Monday, November 27, 2006

RMT Chiefs Pull out a Big "W"

November 26th, 2006

The Chiefs showed up Sunday morning with a full roster and were hungry for a win. Their competitor, and friends, the "Evil" Inchon IceHoles. Conditions were just right. A 10 am start, let the cobwebs fall and we seemed confident. There were even two back ups (Joakim and Jay) at the rink ready to go, incase of any no shows.
Reff Terry, got the game underway after a good warm up. Through the game there would be a bit of stick work but Terry kept it under control. The game would see the Chiefs go on the board first, but it would be quickly answered by three from Inchon.
The second saw the Chiefs want to win. Later in the 2nd the Chiefs went on and scored 4 goals and the I-Holes netting one more. The 3rd started at a score of 5-4 and would see another quick goal by the fired up Chiefs. Inchon would score again to make it a close one however having to pull their goalie late in the third, late Jack would get the empty netter to secure the Chiefs win at 7-5.
I must say, because we play Inchon usually every month and they have been spanking us for the past 4 games in a row, this win feels really good. Good work to all those who played. Next month we'll be rotating in players who sat out(thanks to those who did) or couldn't play in this game. Got it?
3 stars go to:

3 Jack
2 Scrawny Corry
1(Burrito and Coke) Ryan Casssssssavant

Chiefs can win !
# 3

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blog Clean-up

Go Chiefs GO

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Chiefs go to Daegu..part 1

A troop of 13 (Spark, Roberts, Lexi, Darren, Tommy, Tbone, DJ, Isaiah, Rachel, MiYoung, Clark, Jimbob and Rene) took off Friday, November 17th on the KTX, destination Daegu. Saturday the troop got 4 more recruits (Joakim,t-Rowe,Craig and Jamie). Friday's pregame party was a good, but it would not be better than the "Sparky, Super Saturday, Take your pants off, Birthday Bonanza"
Before the party we would be very kindly hosted, by the home team Daegu Thunder-Birds. They put on a great event, with music, shoot to win and an amazing number of fans! I'm surprised that they didn't have a Coaches Corner!!
The game would see The Chiefs score first to hush the almost capacity crowd of 150. They would not be silent long however. The T-Birds would get on the board soon after, and the game would continue to go back and forth by one goal. A total of 9 goals would be scored but the Chiefs would loose to a score of 5-4. Goal scores for The Chiefs were, Jamie Cottin, Craig with a pair, Clark, and Lexi...almost.
Your RMT three stars are!
# 3 the Clark Rene Duo, for best goal celebration ever.
2 the Jamie got wheels, Craig loves D, Duo
1 Jimbob the tender
*There will be a Dos Tacos burrito set given to Jamie and Jimbob. You should just be able to go to the Gangnam location and tell them you are with the Chiefs Hockey Club and they owe you a Burrito and coke.
Come on out for Wednesday hockey tonight. See you there!
Tbone # 3

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inchon IceHoles Game Roster

THIS GAME IS AT 10:00 am this doesn't mean you arrive at 10.
If you are not on this list you'll have no ice time on November 26th.

We are now FULL !

Frazier, T-bone, MattBell, Wayne, Rene, Terry, AaronG, Tall Paul, Ryan C, Karl, Jack,SteveHawk,Cory,Trent,DaveW



Line 1




Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hey There Chiefs.

The Tournament, slash anniversary party will be held at the Rocky Mountain Taven this Saturday, November 11th at 6pm. There will free FOOD AND DRINKS from 6-9pm for the following people:

Any player who paid and played in the tourney. (there are 36 of ya) referee: Jeremy sands
Linesman: Roberts
Wives or girlfriends (not both..haha) of the above 38 people

Other Chiefs are more than welcome to come, as well as A friend. I will have to collect 20 000 (after 7:30pm 15 000) won from those who are not included in the 38 people above.

There will be four or five items of food to choose from and draft beer. If you are there at the right may just get in on a bottle of ............. During the 6-9pm party we'll give out awards for the year, MVP of the tournament and other Chiefy surprises. Also you will get to have a look at the new jerseys. If you ask me..they look great!!

After 9 o'clock there will be no more free beer. We'll finish up the pitures we have, and then the upstairs will be opened to all and you'll be on your own dime then. And if it's anything like the past parties, you're not going to need much more.
I hope all can come out and party! Just so you know, we're working hard on canceling the next two Sunday ice times. If you would like to play Sunday the 19th, please let me know.

See you Saturday. Come early, stay late !
Captain T-bone #3

Tommy Hawks are the Fall CHAMPS 06

Tommy Hawks beat the Sweaty Tacos, and took home (to the bar) the Chiefs Hawkey Cup.