Thursday, December 21, 2006

Low Numbers=Less Ice times

We have been a little short on numbers over the holidays therefore we have decided not to book a xmas ice time.


We will have a X-Mas Eve ice time (Sunday the 24th) from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Guess we're doing it the French Canadian way - opening presents on X-Mas Eve as opposed to waiting for X-Mas mornin'.


hope to see you out on the eve. nothing like a bit of skating before hitting the turkey.

Low Numbers Brings Xmas Jeers

It looks like T-bone was right in his previous blog posting about many people exiting the peninsula. This past Sunday, when I arrived at the rink after battling the mightiest snowstorm Seoul has ever seen I was devastated to see I was the only on there. But, "Have No Fear" Tommy soon showed up with a buddy from Inchon in tow. It turns out he's a goalie too! go figure! Whilst Tommy and I waited and started to phone around to see who we could rouse out of bed an extremely hung over Lexi came trodding through the snow with everybody's favourite Swede(until World Jr's start anyways) Kim. Still wondering where all the players were we headed for the dressing room to get ready for our ice tim and Steve Hawkins wonders in all the way from Paris where he was drinking French Wine and learning new French phrases that he could try out on Karl. Speaking of Karl he was captured by the North Koreans on Sunday and accused of being a spy for the South. Now we all know why he lives so close to the DMZ. Good news though, our other beloved assistant captain has confirmed his presence for Sunday. So those that want to hear about his time in NK prison camp come on out this Sunday.

All in all on Sunday we didn't have a good turnout, we had enough for 5 aside with 2 goalies and one sub each.. not fun hockey folks. Tommy's buddy Brad who hadn't played on skates in 5+ years did a stand up job battling Rene for the goalie honour. For those who were who drunk in bed too bad you missed a great goaltending display on the upstairs rink no less..

On Wednesday it was the same story. Tommy and myself were the 1st two to arrive and the first thought through our heads was "not again" but alas it was as if the hockey god's decided not to bless this week. The turnout was even worse than Sundays. The dark team had 4 players and the White team had 4 players with one sub.. again not fun hockey.. but we made due. Clark showed up with two pretty Korean girls on his arms but he didnt' have enough money to keep them throughout the whole game.. too bad..Cole decided to make his official comeback he signed a 4 year deal with the Chiefs worth a lot of money (rumour have it at 2 million a year Korean \ of course).. he's not contending for the #1 goalie spot between Tommy and Rene more on that to come..The goalies were the stars of this game putting up with end to end rushes with not much in the way of defence.. both goalies were solid (just ask Clark) Hockey is at 10am this Sunday! for those who haven't been coming out come on out! we need the players!!!!

Big D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fa ra ra ra ra ! !

Seasons greetings,

Like every December many seek to exit the peninsula, whether it is to a hotter sun or to family back home. For those who can't get a chance to get away, there will be some good skates for you to come out and enjoy. We have Wednesday and Sunday ice, with our monthly Inchon IceHoles game on the 31st at 10 am. Let's leave the 2006 year with a win! It was a great close game last time and should be another good one. We should know this week if there is a Christmas day ice time.
This is one of the fun pics Angelo took last Sunday. The team pic will be available soon. We're just photoshopping it up to get rid of hangovers. Happy holiday's to all !

Eat, Drink and be Merry

T-bone #3