Sunday, July 29, 2012

August Schedule

Wednesday, August 1st - 9-11pm 
Goalies - Pete "r The Great" vs Blair "Lemur"
Saturday, August 4th The Chiefs big bash at Cheap Shots in Bupyeong starting at 6pm!
Everyone is welcome to attend!
Sunday,  August 5th - Canceled
Wednesday, August 8th - 9-11pm
Goalies - Pete "r The Great" vs Bob "The Forbinator"
Sunday, August 12th - 9:30-11am
Goalies -  Pete "r The Great" vs Blair "Lemur"
Wednesay, August 15th, 9-11pm 
Goalies - Pete "r The Great" vs Bob "The Forbinator"
Sunday, August 19th, 11-12:30pm 
Goalies -    Pete "r The Great" vs Blair "Lemur" 
Wednesday, August 22, 9-11pm
Goalies -  Pete "r The Great" vs Tommy "The Tainted"
Sunday, August 26th, 9:30-11am Game vs Stars
Goalies -  Pete "r The Great" playing for Chiefs vs Blair "Lemur" playing for Stars
Wednesday, August 29th, 9-11pm
Goalies - Pete "r The Great" vs Blair "Lemur"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chiefs end of series party!

Chiefs end of series party at Cheap Shots in Bupyeong on Satuday, August 4th starting at 6pm! Early bird discounts! Ask Tommy for specific details. See you there!

Chiefs hockey on Sunday from 12:30-2pm

Sunday, July 29th, 12:30-2pm
Goalies - Bob "The Forbinator" vs Blair "Lemur"

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chiefs Inter-squad tourney!

Roster is Full!
Bring 45,000 won on Wednesday, July 18 in advance for all 3 games!
Here are the teams for the tourny!
Goalies to be determined on game day!
Team A - Ryan's Rockstars
Dark Jerseys - with hidden racing stripes
충희 (chung-Hee) F     현석 (Hyunsak) F     태성 (Tae-sung) F
승호 (sungho) F          Dugal Monk F               Ryan C F
Ian Puller F
경일 (Kyung-il) D     Jason Tambo D
 Mike McCarthy D    Seungmo Park D

Team B - Tainted Tommies
White Jerseys - with racing stripes
준영 (Jun) F            종학 (Jong-Hak) F     선호 (Sun-ho) F
Patrick Dynan F     Si Young Roh F            Big D F
Tommy Aaron F – Only July 25                 Cutting Shears F

현진 (Hyun-Jin) D     지성 (Ji-sung) D/ HeeJun Sunday only
준호 (Jun ho) D       Jason Hunt D

Alright Chiefs, it's time for an inter-squad tourney. We're going to aim for 2 teams and a best of 3 match up at the end of this month (July 18, 22 and 25) Make sure that you can play all 3 dates!
Sign up on facebook or send me an email with your name, position and level of awesomeness from 1-5. Go Chiefs!

Chiefs triumphant over Geckos!

Chiefs pull off the win, but according to witnesses Geckos dominated until they ran out of legs. Even worse, our dear leader Tommy was playing for the enemy and chipped in a couple of goals with his stick from 1918.