Tuesday, January 30, 2007

lest we forget


this Wednesday, January 31st at 930pm

Mok-Dong Ice rink

It's an open skate and ALL are welcome


We should be getting our February ice times on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll be getting a fair share of ice times but with the Group B tournament and the skating camps being held in February we'll be lucky if we can secure all our Wednesdays and/or Sundays. Cross your laces.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Seoul Bowl Result: Chiefs 38 Geckos 20

Well sports fan after hearing about the Seoul Bowl for the past two weeks the big day finally came. The Gecko's Glaciers met the RMT Chiefs at Yongsan's South Post for what was to be history in the making. With the 1st 2-4 of Samuel Adams provided by Chief/Glacier Clay the game got underway. From the start the Chiefs played the game simple. Throw the ball and catch it. Keeping with our motto of course. We dominated the Glaciers from the kickoff with our very own Marc "Speedy Gonazalez" rushing Clark every chance he had.

I'm sure Clark was very much annoyed as he was sacked quite a few times over the period of 2 hours. Gecko's threw everything they had against the Chiefs offense and defensive lines but we held strong due to some good interceptions, passes and kicks. John Morris (pictured above with a beer in his hand) kept the team motivated while Tall Paul (pictured behind Clark) made some of the best catches i've seen in a while. We even invented a play after him called the Statue of Paul.

We can credit this play to Frasier. In the dying minutes of the game, all of the offensive line rushed into the end zone and made a circle around Paul to block out any defensive move to hit the ball away from him. It worked with great sucess. All the Glacier's shook their heads in amazement at is natural athletic ability!! ha ha.. Not that it took much, throw the ball at Paul's head and it's higher than any one person could jump!. All and all the game was clean and a lot of fun. No sore losers which is how any game should be played.

Mongolian food and beers were shared after the game (as was another case of Samuel Adam's at halftime) at the Navy Club on base. Many thanks to Clark and Clay without whom the game wouldn't have taken place. For those who want to see the trophy it's currently being displayed at the RMT.


A new year and new jerseys. Looking good boys and gal !


1) How many games did Don Cherry play in the NHL?
2) Who was the first goalie to consistently wear a helmet in the NHL?
3) When Gordie Howe signed his first NHL contract, he received $500 and what other item: house, jacket,car,or new skates?
4) There are "mistakes" in the current home page picture of the 2006-7 Chiefs. Can you find them?

Enjoy ! T-bone # 3 ( not T-bone the third, John Morris !! haha)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Locker Talk....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Just a notice to let all who are in the locker.... things are gonna change....get ready! Any suggestions on what we could build or how we can improve the situation...feel free to post. (that's a beauty of a pic!!)
Tbone # 3

1st suggestion : Jug of gas and a match--- Spark 91

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yet another game

How do you say? GAME?

Since all we've done this month is play games on Sundays, we thought it appropriate to continue this nouvelle tradition and hold yet another game on this coming Sunday. So for the fourth Sunday in a row, the Chiefs will be playing the Leafs. The starting time for this unbelievably extraordinary mind-boggling event will be 9 in the morning. This will go-on 'till 11:30am; that's right 2 and half hours.

Already committed to the skate are
D the Big, J to the M, Trevor the Bone, Karl the Seabass, Paul the Tall, Ryan the Bull in a China Shop, Grigory the Great, Gabe the Doc, Corey the Scrawny, Jarri Kurri, Mark the Spark, Marc the New American and YOU!! that's right one last spot available.

In nets we have Terry the Glove at one end and Claude the French at the other.

A note for this game. There is one spot remaining. If that spots fills up and everyone who signed up for this game is there on Sunday then whoever shows up unannounced on Sunday will not be playing. Now that being said, if the roster fills up and someone doesn't show-up on Sunday and someone is there ready to play then by all means...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Chiefs go to 3-0 vs the Leafs.

Battle of the Goalies

Good evening my fellow chiefs. Big D here with another report on our game from today. Again the Chiefs took to the ice for Game #3 as what has become a friendly rivalry between the RMT Chiefs and the Seoul Maple Leafs. There were a lot of bleary looking eyes at 7 o'clock in the morning and for good reason of course. Karl, the team's main motivator(and curser) decided to text everyone he knew at 6 o'clock in the morning to make sure everyone was up and ready to rumble. Needless to say he's still alive so he didn't wake anybody up.

Onto the game, with no goalies to speak of our very own T-bone" Look at me mom" decided to strap on the pads to face off against Seabass "I accept any challenge. Visions of the great Canadian goalies of past times were dancing through their heads as they made their way to their respective nets. Those dreams vanished quickly once the puck dropped. The game itself was a very slow moving game and Karl managed to keep a shut out for half an hour (might be a record for a non goalie playing for the chiefs) meanwhile T-bone had a little trouble on the other end but both goalies faired well in what Jari Kurri aka Steve Hawkins described as the "Shittiest chiefs hockey he's seen in a while." Well put Jari I mean Steve. He made his point by ripping one off the crossbar (from the blue line) and almost hitting me in the head with another shot.

After that comment the bench came to life and Ryan Casavant scored two goals with myself adding one and others contributing to the game score ( please post if you scored a goal) Grigory scored one at the first without a goalie in the net and Dave also shot one in. There was a bit of a mix up late in the game when the puck went in (high and inside the post) but wasn't called. T-bone called it a goal but of course would never mention it to the referee who for some reason, thought that the puck hit the post (kinda funny how it never made a sound). Our objections (or I should say my objections) fell on deaf ears. What a guy wouldn't do for video replay.

We won the game by a score of 5-3. It wasn't the best hockey I've seen in my time and it could certainly get better. But I'd like to mention again the stellar play of our goalies. No one force them to into the nets and they did a good job. For those who missed it, after the post game meal at Hyundai, some hard core Chiefs (Seabass, Ryan,Corey and myself) decided to head to the GS25 in Dangsan to have some beers. Nothing like drinking cold beer outside in wintertime while talking about hockey. Only in Korea... Next Sunday will be the final game in our month long series with the Leafs. . We need a lot of people. They've been coming out with 3-4 lines every game (even at 7 am) and we've only been managing two. So get out the skates and come play some hockey LET'S MAKE IT A CLEAN SWEEP.

Leave your name in the comments section of this post if you're interested in playing. If you put you're name down come and play. If things pop up then let the team know before game day (it's understandable if things arise that are unplanned for). Please don't put your name down and don't come without letting the team know beforehand. It leaves the team hanging and makes it harder for those who do make an effort to come out and play (especially at 7am) .

3 Stars:
  1. Ryan Casavant with 2 goals.
  2. Seabass for recording his 1st game win as a goalie against another team.
  3. T-Bone for recording his 1s loss as a goalie against another team.

Other News:
  • Wednesday Hockey: 9-11pm (2 hours)
  • Sunday Hockey: 9:00-11:30 am (2 1/2 hours)
  • Ski Trip might be planned for Feb. stay tuned to find out more info.
  • Need more players for the football game Saturday let Clark know by tomorrow night at the very latest!!!
Hope to see you all Wednesday.

Monday, January 15, 2007

A message from your captain

Hello Chiefs,
Happy New Year. It's been a while since I've sat at the computer and fired off a Chief's email. My jet lag is all gone and I have a few minutes between wedding plans, so here we go.

In Chiefs news we've played the Seoul Maple Leafs two weekends in a row and have had, in Borat's words, "Great success!" We play them again this Sunday at an astonishing 7am. We've got most of our last team interested in it, but if you want to play let us know.

We were not supposed to have an ice time this Sunday, but they asked us to join theirs' so, no complaints on the time. Early hockey is better than no hockey!!!

There is the Ullan Batarr, Mongolian hockey tournament next month. We have sent a team for the past two years and it would be great to keep that chilly tradition alive. It is a very fun,well run outdoor tournament in a country that takes nothing but vodka for granted. It is truly a country and tournament to be seen. The flight
leaves Wednesday,February 14th and you would return Monday, February 19th. I flew,drank, ate, played and shopped all I could for 1mill. You could too!


In March, we have got enough to hit up our first tournament in Singapore! Flight leaving Feb 28th and returning March 4th. This is a 4 on 4 tourney and looks to be a good time. Those who are going,you must have a Chiefs jersey and Terry needs your money this week. It's time to try and "score in the pore"! Singapore!! This tourney also sees the Chief's founder return to the team. Kyle "the Hawk" Hawkins
will be on the roster. Watch out ! Baaa kaaaaaa!!

We continue to have Wednesday evening pick up and look forward to good attendance. If you want in our games, attendance is important. This Wednesday is a 2 hour slot from 9-11pm. Be there! There tends to be a bit of buzzz about leagues and new tourneys in Korea, having skaters come out on a regular basis is so necessary if
this is to ever happen.

There are still some who owe the kitty (now in an embryo tic state)money for jerseys. I realise I was away and I may have your jersey. Well I'm back and can give you your jersey, if you give me some won.

I guess that's all for now. The bottom line is..come on out and play folks! Don't think you'd be getting this email if you didn't think hockey was fun! See you on the ice or in the bar.

Your engaged Captain,

T-Bone # 3

The Seoul Bowl: Gecko's vs. Chiefs!!

It looks like the Gecko's have decided to try their luck off the ice against the chiefs. Clark Webster has put out an e-mail (for those who didn't get it) wanting to know who from the chiefs would be interested in forming a team. It's on Yongsan base Saturday January 27th at 2:00pm so you'll need to e-mail him (mewebby@hotmail.com) and give him:

1. Country of Origin
2. Passport #

3. Full Name

He needs that info so you can be signed onto the base.. The teams are capped at 14 no more after that.It's flag football with a referee. Eats/drinks at the Navy Club(which has a microbrewery) after the game. No word yet on if we're playing with Canadian or American rules. If you're interested e-mail him. This should prove interesting and fun so let's get a good squad together and play some football!

Remember: e-mail Clark, if you put it up here he won't see it. See you guys on Wednesday!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Test your Hockey Knowledge:
The Offside Quiz

A case of knowing your hockey rules. Test your hockey knowledge and try not to look it up before you answer...

True or False?

According to the IIHF rulebook, the attacking team is offside when

(a) the player has one skate in the zone and one skate on the blue line.

(b) the puck carrier skates into the attacking zone backwards.

(c) the attacking player has both skates in the attacking zone and receives a pass from a teammate that first deflects off a defender.

(d) an attacking player has both skates completely in the attacking zone over the blue line, while an opposing player has possession of the puck in the neutral zone and shoots or passes or carries the puck back into his defending zone while an attacking player is still in the zone.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just Got a Call

the Rematch
Sunday, January 14th, 2007
All teams are finding it difficult to book ice times this month. As we previously mentioned in past posts, we asked the rink if anyone wanted to hook up for a game. The deal was that they would host us on one of their ice times and we would host them on one of ours. When we talked to the rink we said that we would host our game NEXT month but I believe that this tiny point was lost in translation. I just received a call from the Maple Leafs and they are looking to play this weekend at 8:00am.
So it's the same thing as last time
We need a bunch of players and TWO goalies (not sure who would like to come this week but I'm hoping Terry and Claude hook it up again)
So first come first served....who is in???
and don't forget, we don't need to stack it up.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chiefs vs. Leafs

This past Sunday, the Chiefs prepared to do battle against the leafs. Karl's 1st observation about the team once he got to the dressing room was "They're not wearing Maple Leafs and they're different guys" Great points of wisdom from our assistant captain. That being said, the game was a good clean game with only penalty going to yours truly for tripping. I could've said that ref needed glasses but he was wearing glasses so my argument was thrown out the window.

The Leafs or whatever their team name was started off with Claude in net and the Chiefs started off with Terry "The Glove". Both played excellent, Claude returning to old form and Terry stopping breakaways left, right and center. The Chiefs were 1st on the board with a goal from who else but Geddes, he would go on to add 1 more I think. In total we scored about 7 goals (maybe more) and they scored about 3... Overall the game was quick and with the addition of two kids the roughness and language were kept off the ice and it was a good game. We're hoping to get games against teams like these more often so everyone will have an opportunity to play who didnt' get to play against this team. We just ask that if you have a temper to leave it at home. Most of us know how some Koreans tend to play, but that's the way they play so please just accept it and have fun.

In other news, T-Bone will have a big annoucement to make soon. So, make sure you come out for Wednesday's hockey and you'll see what the big announcement will be. That's it hockey fans, hope to see you out on the ice soon!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Game!! Game!! Game!!

Last week when we were getting our ice times I asked if any teams out in Mok-Dong Land would like to play against us this month. Well the Seoul Maple Leafs have answered our calls and we are now booked for a game for this coming Sunday, January 7th between 10:00am and 12:00pm

The Seoul Maple Leafs are a Korean team based out of Mok-Dong but they also play some games out in Korea University. We have some history with them that dates back to the first few months of the Chiefs' existence. They are the first team the Chiefs played an organized game against. They are also the first team the Chiefs won against (albeit it took a few tries). They are also the first and only team the Chiefs ever had a fight against (hopefully that wont happen)

So the roster is open and there are still a few spots to fill. Post if you want to play!! you have two days!!

As of now we have

Lexi (?)



Marc Roberts


Kim Sweden


Big D (?)


We need two goalies (one for us and one for them)


Terrys buddy

Sorry about the late notice but the rink just called us.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chiefs Back in Action.

After a long hard December, the Chiefs Kitty was on thin ice. But, with the new year ahead we had a good reason to look ahead to 2007. Wednesday's game was a sign that we're back on track. After a sluggish turn out all throughout December the 1st game of '07 was full of eager players wanting to go hit some pucks around. The blues and the whites both had full benches with an extra line to spare. Wednesday marked the appearance of Claude (for me anyways) back to the chiefs (that gives us 5 goalies) and some other faces that have been MIA due to holidays. Fraser showed up with a new hairstyle to celebrate the year of the pig. Frankly, I think he needs a new barber, the white bench spent most of the game talking about what kind of haircut it was. Jamie Cotton thought it was some sort of a BC mullet and Clark thought it was something else while the rest of the white bench just shook their heads in amazement. I thought he looked like Jagr Junior( the jury is still out on that one).

Wednesday's game was action packed with end to end rushes and some defensive flair. With Jamie back from holiday with his mom and sister in tow all the way from Cape Breton NS and Tommy in between the pipes on the other end the game was full of good saves. We had about 4 or 5 Korean players who kept the pace up to then end ( much to the dismay of the players who haven't been out for a while) but a good time was held by all. As for the goal scorers their were too many to count, Cotton had a few, same with the Korean players and I even think Frasier managed to get a goal (the white's defence kept looking at his hair). There was a bit of a hard moment when the "Swedish flash" aka Kim decided to show everyone what a powerful slapshot he has but it ended up hitting Clark in the back. Clarkie was ok though, no damage done, i'm sure he'll be ok. I hope everyone will continue to keep coming out now that most of our holidays are over. Our ice times are slightly limited this month but, that shouldn't stop anyone from coming out and enjoying a good skate. Hopefully the year of the pig treats everyone ok.

RMT will be showing World Jr's Friday and Saturday. Canada vs our other archnemesis those pesky Russians will be shown Saturday at 5pm. Not live though, so stay away from your computer Saturday morning and come out and have some beers. The Americans vs. Sweden will be shown live at Midnight on Friday. Check their website for confirmation.

The Three stars for the game are:
1. Frasier (just because of his weird hair)
2. Cotton- for showing that a Canadian guy can turn you inside out just as much as a Korean can.
3. Jamie- for putting on a good show despite the pressure of his mom watching his every move

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Talking of tournaments

There is a tournament happening in Singapore from March 1st to the 4th 2007 (that's Thursday to Sunday). Thursday, March 1st is a holiday in Korea so it would require that you take one day off of work.

The tournament will be 4 on 4 hockey. A team of 8 skaters plus a goalie would be enough. I don’t know how competitive it would be but it would be hockey in Singapore.

Nothing is planned as of yet for this is simply a feeler to see how many bites we get. Kyle the Hawk is presently living in Singapore and he said that a cheap place could be found for $30-40/ night. The tournament fees would probably be about 200 000 won each and the airfare is usually about 600 000won.

If you're interested in heading out to Singapore post something up in the comment section of this post and we'll see what happens.

Monday, January 01, 2007

January Ice Times - Busy Mok-Dong

The rink is booked, booked, booked.
Some skating camps are taking up most of the ice times this month but we did manage to secure all our Wednesdays and two Sundays.

January Ice Times:

Wednesday, January 3rd 9:00 ~ 11:00 (note, 2 hours not 1.5)

Sunday, January 7th GAME AGAINST THE MAPLE LEAFS 10:00AM TO 12:00PM

Wednesday, January 10th 9:30 ~ 11:00

Sunday, January 14th 8:00 ~ 10:00 GAME AGAINST THE MAPLE LEAFS

Wednesday, January 17th 9:30 ~ 11:00

Sunday, January 21st GAME AGAINST THE MAPLE LEAFS 7:00AM TO 9:00AM

Wednesday, January 24th 9:00 ~ 11:00 (note, 2 hours not 1.5)

Sunday, January 28th 9:00 ~ 11:30 GAME AGAINST THE MAPLE LEAFS

Wednesday, January 31st 9:30 ~ 11:00

A note for the coming months.
We will be hard pressed to book our normal ice times in the coming moths because the rink is booked with skating camps and the 'Group B' international hockey tournament. But have no fear we will do our best to hook it up for you. Which brings me to my next point. Let's get some bodies out on the ice!!! It's the same ol' song. Our funds are running dangerously low. The month of December has burned a deep hole in our little black bag. We made a grand total of 40 bucks from the game against Incheon and that was our highest return of any ice time this month. Every one of the December ice times cost the team money.

Chiefs vs. Incheon

It was another hard fought battle out in Mok-Dong Stadium last Sunday. To quickly recap what happened, the Chiefs scored a lot of goals and the Iceholes scored more than a lot of goals. The first star by far and away was Rene who played a heck of a game. Probably his best yet. The second would have to be Aaron for keeping us in the game with his speed. The third and final star goes to Tommy for putting some fire in the second line. All in all , it was a fun game to play and everyone enjoyed themselves out there.

Happy New-Year to all Chiefs!!!

oh and by the way, The Taco Award for the month of December goes to Rene the Dark Masked Goalie. Well done!