Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chiefs Back in Action.

After a long hard December, the Chiefs Kitty was on thin ice. But, with the new year ahead we had a good reason to look ahead to 2007. Wednesday's game was a sign that we're back on track. After a sluggish turn out all throughout December the 1st game of '07 was full of eager players wanting to go hit some pucks around. The blues and the whites both had full benches with an extra line to spare. Wednesday marked the appearance of Claude (for me anyways) back to the chiefs (that gives us 5 goalies) and some other faces that have been MIA due to holidays. Fraser showed up with a new hairstyle to celebrate the year of the pig. Frankly, I think he needs a new barber, the white bench spent most of the game talking about what kind of haircut it was. Jamie Cotton thought it was some sort of a BC mullet and Clark thought it was something else while the rest of the white bench just shook their heads in amazement. I thought he looked like Jagr Junior( the jury is still out on that one).

Wednesday's game was action packed with end to end rushes and some defensive flair. With Jamie back from holiday with his mom and sister in tow all the way from Cape Breton NS and Tommy in between the pipes on the other end the game was full of good saves. We had about 4 or 5 Korean players who kept the pace up to then end ( much to the dismay of the players who haven't been out for a while) but a good time was held by all. As for the goal scorers their were too many to count, Cotton had a few, same with the Korean players and I even think Frasier managed to get a goal (the white's defence kept looking at his hair). There was a bit of a hard moment when the "Swedish flash" aka Kim decided to show everyone what a powerful slapshot he has but it ended up hitting Clark in the back. Clarkie was ok though, no damage done, i'm sure he'll be ok. I hope everyone will continue to keep coming out now that most of our holidays are over. Our ice times are slightly limited this month but, that shouldn't stop anyone from coming out and enjoying a good skate. Hopefully the year of the pig treats everyone ok.

RMT will be showing World Jr's Friday and Saturday. Canada vs our other archnemesis those pesky Russians will be shown Saturday at 5pm. Not live though, so stay away from your computer Saturday morning and come out and have some beers. The Americans vs. Sweden will be shown live at Midnight on Friday. Check their website for confirmation.

The Three stars for the game are:
1. Frasier (just because of his weird hair)
2. Cotton- for showing that a Canadian guy can turn you inside out just as much as a Korean can.
3. Jamie- for putting on a good show despite the pressure of his mom watching his every move


SeaBass said...

Did frazier wear a helmet? or was his hair helmet enough...

Big D said...

He wore a helmet, but he really didn't need one..

Anonymous said...

thanks Big D
u make me feel like a star...........cheers
sorry cant play Sunday
gotta ski comp

Anonymous said...

ohhh His hair style is coooooool!!!
What are you talking about, guys!!