Sunday, April 29, 2007

May Ice Times


Wednesday, May 2nd............... 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, May 6th....................... 10:00 ~ 12:00

Wednesday, May 9th................. 22:00 ~ 23:30

Sunday, May 13th..................... 10:30 ~ 12:00

Wednesday, May 16th............... 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, May 20th..................... 10:30 ~ 12:00

Wednesday, May 23rd............... 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, May 27th..................... 11:00 ~ 13:00

Wednesday, May 30th............... 21:30 ~ 23:00

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lineup for Game on Sunday.

This is a republication of the lineup for this Sunday's game vs. Daejeon. Lot of people had trouble finding it way down on the blog. The Roster is full but i'm taking subs in case of last minute cancellations. Leave your phone number on here if you want to sub in case I don't have it. The game is at 10am. Any cancellations let ME know.. at otherwise i'll assume you're coming.

Big D
Matt Trower
Klode (goalie)
Hee Joon
Bill Hoven
Matt Bell
Ryan C

Monday, April 23, 2007


T-bone and his new wife Mi-Young

Well, T-bone finally did it.. congrats to the lucky couple from all the Chiefs. We hope that enjoy the vacation in Thailand. Check out the chiefs facebook page to see pictures from the wedding and after party. Those who took pics from the wedding and after party if you have an account with facebook feel free to throw them on there.

Reminder: We have a game vs. Daejeon this Sunday 10am. Those who are playing are the ones who signed up below earlier this month.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday

This Sunday is a shinny session.
10am to 12pm
All are welcome to come out and play!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Start Up

Hey Chiefs,

As everyone should know by now, our Wednesday ice times start at 9:30pm and end at 11:00pm . We have booked a solid hour and a half of ice time but, if you subtract the ridiculously slow zamboni run and the unnecessarily long warm-up, we are left with less than one hour of ice time.

Let's maximize our ice time!!!

This Wednesday the warm-up will be shortened and the pick-up session will begin at 9:45pm. That's 15 minutes no matter what. As always, the zamboni will start its run at 9:30 and end at 9:40. That will give everyone 5 minutes to warm-up. Please note that everyone does include goalies. if goalies are not there then it's posts 'till they show.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Eagles looking for revenge....again

The Re-Rematch
This Sunday, April 22nd from 10am to 12pm

(the rink has been gracious enough to give us an extra half hour of ice time)

the Ilsan Eagles would like to play us...again. If you'd like to play just sign up in the COMMENTS section of this post. All our welcome to play, of course. They've added a few ringers and I must say that the last game was a lot of fun. Keep in mind that Saturday, April 21st is T-Bone's wedding and all our welcome to join the party at his bar, starts in the evening and ends in the wee hours of the morning. More on this will be posted in the near future.

Full Roster
goalie: Claude

1. Aaron G.
2. Corey
3. Matt Trowler
4. Grigory
5. Chuck the Norris
6. Ben
7. Marc Roberts
8. Bill Hoven
9. Yuriy
10. Lexi
11. Paul the Tall
12. John Morris
13. Matt Bell
14. Tommy
15. Dave W
sub: gabe
Ref: Aaron A.
Ref2: Gabe

This is for Jeff who defected to the Eagles last game

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Eagles looking for revenge

The Rematch

This Sunday April 15th

The Ilsan Eagles would like to play us again. If you want to play then sign up. This time around they said that they will stack their team up with Yonsei players. Not sure what this means but...if you feel like playing a game come on out.

full roster

Claude is out!!!

Chuck out cause you ain't in the country yet. we love yeah dude but you have to play at least one shinny ice time before you can play a game...sorry

so Eric J is in

big D



matt bell

aaron g.




terry in nets

paul the tall


bill hoven

john morris


aaron a.

ref: marc roberts

subs: marc roberts

Game: Chiefs vs. DC Moose April 29th 10 am

Alright, i've told everyone that I saw last night about the game so if you want in sign up spots will go quick.. April 29th 10am to 12 pm. We're going with 3 lines. We also need ref (s) Terry you wanna ref?

Line up so far: Full.

Big D
Matt Trower
Klode (goalie)
Bill Hoven
Matt Bell
Ryan C

Friday, April 06, 2007

Daejeon- Chiefs 9 DC Moose 6

Well I know most of you have been eagerly awaiting a report on the Chiefs successful trip to Daejeon. I've been kinda lazy this week and with T-bones bar opening up I spent too much time there drinking San Miguel than putting up a write up oh well what you can do. As most of you know the Chiefs were kindly invited by the boys from the DC Moose (Daejeon/Cheonju) to come down and play them in their inaugural game. Seems like we've been doing that a lot lately.

After a painful organizing process on my part (which i don't know if i ever will do again) we went down to play them. The game wasn't until midnight so after getting some rooms the chiefs split up to see what Daejeon had to offer.. well not much really but the women were hotter and nicer than you'd find in Seoul but that's about it. After some food and beers the Chiefs hit the ice against the moose determined to win.

The game went well and it was a lot of fun, Geddes had 4 goals, Scrawny Corey had a goal and i'm not sure who else had them.. the other team did suffer from some injuries when Donnie "Ball Buster" Caldwell let one rip only to hit the goalie square off the jock. The game was immediately halted whilst the goalie layed on the ice in agony. But alas, he got back up and played a good game shutting out Corey on a lot of shots.

No game would be complete though without an injury from our own ringer Geddes. Any chiefs who has played more than one game with Geddes knows that when he stops with the puck you move or risk taking a puck somewhere off your body. The moose on the other hand didn't know and one guy took one off his skate and broke a bone in his foot. No hard feelings were held after all how could he have known?

There will be a rematch that will be set up for the 22nd or 29th.. to be fair to them I'm thinking of only having 2 full lines not 3. They can only muster 2 when they combine their two cities so in interest of fair play i'm thinking of capping it at 2, we'll see what develops stay tuned to the blog.

Thanks to Ken and the Moose for having us down and thanks to the people who stuck by their commitments the 1st time for going to Daejeon going from 3 full lines to 2 on the day I was going to buy tickets was not a happy day to put it in nice words...

Beer o'clock is now open, i've dropped a few won at T-bones and Mi Young's new bar and was glad to see a few chiefs popping in to have some beers. It's time we payed back some of the gratitude that T-bone and Karl have put into organizing our team.. after organizing Daejeon I can now say I know how they feel and they organize a team, I just organized one game.. anyways, let's go and support T-bone and Mi Young... Grand Opening is at 6 ish tomorrow hope to see the place packed!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April ICE TIMES.. and we aint fool'in !!

Hey Chiefs,

Here are your ice times for April. Enjoy, they're great!! Be there!!

Wednesday 4th 10:00-11:30pm
Sunday 8th waiting to see if we play
Wednesday 11th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 15th 9-11am
Wednesday 18th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 22nd 10:00-12pm (changed to 10am from 1030am)
Wednesday 25th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 29th 10-12pm

We also have the Ilsan game Friday, April 6th.
and we need to invite the Leafs back for one of our Sunday ice times this month.