Sunday, April 08, 2007

Game: Chiefs vs. DC Moose April 29th 10 am

Alright, i've told everyone that I saw last night about the game so if you want in sign up spots will go quick.. April 29th 10am to 12 pm. We're going with 3 lines. We also need ref (s) Terry you wanna ref?

Line up so far: Full.

Big D
Matt Trower
Klode (goalie)
Bill Hoven
Matt Bell
Ryan C


Anonymous said...

i'm in for this one
tbone is raising a hand for attendance also.
tommy also.

Aaron G said...

I am in.

Corey said...

I want to play.

klode said...

me in me in!!!

grigory said...

I am in.

SeaBass said...

btw, big d....#77 is in

SeaBass said...

and who is organizing this thing? do we have a hotel in mind? something near the rink would probably be best as it's pretty early in the morning...

SeaBass said...

if terry doesn't want to ref we should get the refs from the maple leaf games

Anonymous said...

i am in for this game

matt bell

Big D said...

I thought #77 was Lee.. as far as I know they're coming on Sun on the KTX.. I will organize it again..

grigory said...
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Terry said...

Sure, I will ref the game.

Ryan said...

I'm in if there is still a spot available.

Gabe said...

I'm in if there's still room.

Big D said...

We're full up but, we will still take subs in case someone backs out. So far we have 1.. Lee..

Anonymous said...

Matt Trower would like sub #2

Big D said...

Lee and Matt T. are in. still taking subs..