Monday, February 26, 2007

BEER BOWLING BASH !! ='s Good Times

Well this past Saturday the Chiefs assembled at the Hanam Bowling lanes for a very close bowling match. Three teams of four competed for a free dinner and it was a close battle.

The winning team was built of T-bone,MiYoung,Kim Brophy, and Lee Wong. At a very close second was Jeremy Sands, Terry "wrong hand" Clark, Ben, and Cory. The third team, with top single score was, Rene "Munson" Bouche,Elaine,Gabe,and Big D. Late entries were Joakim,Karl and Moah.

After the bowling we went off to "Mapo Galbi" where we ate in tight quarters, but had some good food and of course the "green lady" soju, was there.

Post dinner was spent at Woodstock where madness ensued...Good times ladies and gents. Good times! For a lot of you that will be the last party with Rene. From the Chiefs, we wish he and his wife all the best back in Canada.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Sunday, March 4th NO ICE TIME

Wednesday, March 7th 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, March 11th 10:30 ~ 12:00

Wednesday, March 14th 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, March 18th NO ICE TIME

Wednesday, March 21st 21:30 ~ 23:00

Sunday, March 25th CANCELLED the Korean National Team asked for our ice time. We offered it as long as they let us play in the tourney... still waiting for a reply.

Wednesday, March 28th 21:30 ~ 23:00

Not too shabby at there!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hey CHIEF's,

First, I would like to say a big thank you to all who attended Steve Hawkin's breakfast last Sunday. The kitty made 160 000 won. All food was donated by Steve. From Chiefs to Chief, THANK YOU Steve. I was not able to attend but heard only great things. I did hear that it was a bit cramped and that you had to wait in line to use the washrooms, but hey, take what you can get eh...Or was it that you sat in the YARD all day and drooled at the ambassadors' houses all around. haha

Now on to the next event. BOWLING! Saturday at 4pm, at the Hanam Bowling Lanes. ( Hangangin Station, Exit2 walking away from RMT. Follow the sidewalk and walk over the overpass towards the Harley Davidson store. Take the ramp to the right off the overpass and walk to the Hanam supermarket. Under the supermarket are the lanes. Look for the big bowling pin.)

After bowling, we're off to Gangnam for eats at Mapo Galbi. The team with the most combined fallen pins at the end will eat for free* After eats and a few bottles of the "green lady", we'll make our way up to Woodstock (next building over,2F)

How does that sound!?? There is no hockey Sunday morning, so no excuses there! You don't have to sign up, but it would be nice to know how many are coming. Bring your significant other too!Please leave a note here.

See you at Wednesday's hockey. NOTE: 10-11:30pm

Heads up and elbows in!

T-Bone # 3

*eat for free, not all you can eat. Like when Homer went to the all you can eat buffet and sued them for closing. He said he wasn't able to "eat all he could"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can you say......


This Sunday, February 18th is game day for your RMT Chiefs. We will be facing our old' nemesis , the a-holes from Incheon.

Following the game, Steve and his BETTER half (emphasis on better) is inviting everyone on the Chiefs for breakfast at his shack out in the middle of nowhere. Well, it's not really a shack and it's not really in the middle of nowhere but the breakfast is real. If you play hockey with the chiefs on Wednesdays or Sundays you are invited. Basically if you're a Chief then come on over to Steve's Bar and Grill for some home cooked breakfast.

On the Roster FULL ROSTER

1. Tbone
5. Aaron
Steve Hawkins
10. Tall Paul
13. Grigory

nets: Rene

the people on the roster either emailed the chiefs and asked to play or posted on the site that they wanted to play. if there's a mistake and you can no longer make it please tell us so we can give your spot to someone else.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

An Editorial by DJ submitted to

I got this in an email from DJ. He makes a very good point. Have a read and see what you think.

NHL Still All Tied Up

Since the NHL's inception in 1917, its taken 90 years but in a collectivefit of logic, We (and/or people inside the NHL with IQ's above roomtemperature) finally bellowed, "No more boring ties!" Big kudos to the newNHL for taking action. To most hockey fans, the shootout is a gem andproof-in-the-pudding of the exhilarating crusade to make the NHL the best itcan be. So Ding-dong, the witch is dead. Good riddance to the ugly,anti-climactic NHL tie. Or is it?
Until teams can no longer go into thelocker room and say, "Well, at least we got a point out of it." , the answerhas to be no. With more than two-thirds of the regular season gone andonly 8 points seperating 4th place from 11th in the Eastern Conference,those precious points earned have not been resolved by the shootout.
In its noble quest, the new winner-in-every-game NHL hasn't eliminated the tie. Notice how a team at 25-25-6 looks suspiciously like one with six tiesused to. Shouldn't that now be 26-31? Have they not LOST thirty-one games?But wait! There's more [logic] ! Second place San Jose currently has 35wins and first place Anaheim 33. The Ducks have three more points in thestandings. So now, the end-of-regulation charity point for being tied notonly encourages and rewards mediocrity like the tie used to, but creates adouble-whammy that can inadvertantly punish teams who win games inregulation.
The NHL needs to take action for next season. They can reward the loftieraccomplishment of a regulation win with three points and leave theOT/shootout structure as it is. But in the spirit of integrity andsimplicity, a campaign to truly eliminate a tie is best acomplished when ateam leaves the ice with nothing if they don't win the game. Win the game,two points. Lose the game, zero points. Why? Because it's good for the game.Top-4 professional sports league can't have a winner and a kind of, sort ofloser. It needs a winner and loser. And by the way, think OT and shootoutsare good now? Watch what happens to the intensity when it's all or nothing.......What do you think?

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hello thirsty Chief,

Are you good at, or enjoy one of the following activities?
Bowling, Beering or Eating
If you've answered yes to at least one, then you should join! Saturday February 24th, will start with an afternoon of Bowling at the Hanam Bowling Lanes.(a 5 minute walk from Hangangjin Station line number 6) This basement bowling lane allows drinks in as long as we "behave" ourselves and are tidy. There is a quality grocer on the 1st floor that has many imported beer and drinks to fulfill your needs.
After a few strikes,spares, turkeys and beer, we'll make our way to a restaurant yet to be named. Nothing works up an appetite like taking three steps and lunging a ball down a floor shinier than your mother's silverware !!
Phase three of the "super bowl Saturday" will see the "weak" drop off and the "strong" louder and more confident. The survivors will then go on to a bar that the drunken bowlers decide will fit their needs.
Are you in !? Leave a comment if you are
This will be updated when further details are known.

T-Bone # 3 .. buy the way..The "t" stands for that name way back when I was on my University Bowling Scholarship.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

NEW !! Ice Times (as of wed feb 7th)

Sunday February 11th: 7-9am straight from the bar skaters are welcome
Wednesday February 14th: No ice! Play road hockey with your Valentine
Sunday February 18th: 9-10:30am (possible Inchon Game)
Wednesday February 21st: 10-11:30pm
Sunday February 25th Not 100% booked..*see above post
Wednesday February 28th: 9:30-11pm
For Sunday the 11th....please try and come out to play. I know it's freakin early but...sweat it out and go home and rest it off. The first 6 months of the Chiefs was 7-9 every Sunday. Suck it up, and I'm 98% sure we're upstairs.
T-Bone # 3