Monday, December 31, 2007

January Ice Times

Happy New year Chiefs!
Wed 2nd 9-11pm
Sun 6th 9:30-11am
Wed 9th 9-11pm
Sun 13th 9:30-11am
Wed 16th 9-11pm
Sun 20th 9:30-11am
Wed 23rd 9-11am
Sun 27th 9:30-11am
Wed 30th 9-11pm

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Torpedoes Game

The Taeneung Torpedoes would like to play us in January. (the 12th or 19th) They are a newly formed team with a few expats looking for some experience. Just a fun game, no need to run up the score if the levels don't match just yet.

If you are interested, the rink is located in Northeastern Seoul. Please contact Chief Damien Weaver.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2007 Fall Fiasco CHAMPIONS

Team 4 The Jack Rabbits:

Fwd: Jack, LeeW, ALF, ChuckNorris, Yuriy,Kyong, BigD,

Def: SteveF,BillHov, TallPaul, Tommy,Thomas, Goal: Claude

December Ice Times

Here are your Festive December Ice times. Sunday's are early..but you can do it!! Beer breath is welcome...

Wed 5th 9-11pm

Sun 9th 8-10am

Wed 12th 9-11pm

Sun 16th 8-10am

Wed 19th 9-11pm

Sun 23rd 9:30-11am

Tues 25th possible xmas skate Interested?

Wed 26th 9-11pm

Sun 30th 9:30-11am

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November Ice Times

*Please have a look at the tournament schedule, times and dates have changed.
Sun Nov 4th 12-1:30pm
Wed 7th 9-11pm
Sun 11th 8:30-10:30am *semi 3 vs 4
Wed 14th 9-11pm
Sun 18th 9-10:30am*semi finals 1 vs 2
Wed 21st 9-11pm
Sun 25th 12-2pm FINALS
Wed 28th 9-11pm

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The 3rd Annual, FALL FIASCO 2007

Team 1 The Racoons:
Fwd:Jeff Stern, Karl, Jim, AaronA, Steve'O, CharlesD, Lexi, Def: CraigR, SteveHawk, MarcR, JohnM, Goal:JimBob

Team 2 The Coyotes:
Fwd: AaronG, Scrawny Corey, DamienW, Chris(lance's friend), Grigory, PaulA, Isaiah, Def: AdamD, ClayJ, DaveS,BenL, Goal: Eddie

Team3 The Lobsters:
Fwd: E-rod, Donald, RyanC, Billit, Lance,BenB, Michel, Brent, Def: Scott, RyanW, Tbone, Bill's Friend, Goal:Jessie...we hope

Team 4 The Jack Rabbits:
Fwd: Jack, LeeW, ALF, ChuckNorris, Yuriy,Kyong, BigD, Def: SteveF,BillHov, TallPaul, Tommy,Thomas, Goal: Claude

The 3rd annual, Fall Fiasco 2007 schedule

October 7th
8:30-9:30 Team 1 (5) vs Team 2 (2)
9:30-10:30 Team 3 (2) vs Team 4 (4)

October 14th
10:00-11 Team 1 (3) vs Team 3 (3)
11:00-12 Team 2 (2) vs Team 4 (3)

October 21st
11:30-1:00 TBA (no tourney games)

October 28th
10:00-11:00 Team 3 (1) vs Team 2 (11)
11:00-12:00 Team 1 (2) vs Team 4 (4)

November 11th
9:00-10 Semis: 1 Team 3 (2) vs Team 4 (7)

November 18th
9-10:30Semis: 2 Team 1 (5) vs Team 2 (7)

November 25th
12-2pm FINALS Team 4 VS Team 2
The Jack Rabbits vs The Coyotes Good Luck !

December 1st
Chiefs Tourney Party at RMT Hongdae 3pm start

Sunday, September 30, 2007


This month we are holding our annual fall inter-squad tournament. This will take up all Sunday's in October and a couple into November. Wednesday's are still open skates for any who wish to join. Regular Sunday skates will continue in November.----- GO HOCKEY!
Wed 3rd 9-11pm
Sun 7th 8:30-10:30am
Wed 10th 9:30-11pm
Sun 14th 10-12pm
Wed 17th 9-11pm
Sun 21st 11:30-1pm
Wed 24th 9-11pm
Sun 28th 10-12pm
Wed 31st 9-11pm

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inchon Game, Sunday the 30th at 10am

RMT CHIEFS VS The Inchon Ice Holes this coming Sunday. Sign up here, in the comments section. Tickets available through ticket master !
Claude in nets, Forwards:Big D, , Kyong, Damien, , AaronG, , Corey, DaveS, ChuckNorris, Karl, Grigory, Defense:RyanW, BillHov, MarcR, Tall Paul
Tbone - the ref!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Fling ....Who's in !????


Hey there,

As with every Fall we get the whole team together to do an inter-squad tournament. This fall is no different! Do you have what it takes* to compete!? Sign up here if you will be able to play Sunday hockey for all, or most of October and maybe the 1st week in November.

We need the numbers to decide how many teams and what format we'll be going with. 2 teams ...3 or possibly even 4!!

Sign up now and your first goal is free!!
*='s equipment
Tbone, Chuck Noris, Darren, Steve Hawk, Karl, Ryan C, Marc R, Steve'O, AaronA, Tommy, Donald C, Ben L, Eddie,Claude*, Ben B, Scott, Clay,Tall Paul, John M, Grigory, Skrawnny Corey, Dave Segalla*, AaronG, JimBOB, AdamD, AlF, BillHov, Kyong, Michele, LeeW, PaulA, Craig R*,Lexi, RyanW, DamienW, Isaiah, Billit, Jack, JimC,Brent,Chris*, Lance,SteveF, Thomas....... *= will miss game(s)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fire and ICE


Sunday the 16th we have ice from 9:30 to 11am and the following Wednesday we have a 2 hour slot from 9-11pm.

Later Skaters!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Message from BIG D

Dear Chiefs,

Tomorrow, Friday Spetember 6th, I'm turning 25! and i'm having a celebration at Beer O'clock, anybody who wants to come out and have some drinks you're more than welcome to come... start time around 8~9pm Big D

p.s. this coincides with Tbone coming back to the land of morning calm and Marc's ending as Ruler of Nector at Beer O'Clock.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

September ICE TIMES and more

Dear Chiefs,

We have three orders of business to discuss with everyone.

First, here is the schedule for September thus far. We may have some changes here and there so keep checking the site.

September Ice Times
2nd Sunday 9:00- 10:30am
5th Wednesday NO ICE TIME
9th Sunday 8:30-10:00am
12th Wednesday NO ICE TIME
16th Sunday NEW ICE TIME 8:30 - 10:00AM
19th Wednesday TIME CHANGE 9:00-11:00pm
23rd Sunday 10:00-12:00pm
24th Monday 6:00-8:00pm BONUS CHUSEOK ICE TIME
26th Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm
30th Sunday 10:00-12:00pm

Second, the rink manager gave us some Chuseok ice time options (everyone should have these days off.) We can chose one, two or three.
Monday, September 24 6-9pm
Tuesday, September 25 6-8pm
Wednesday, September 26 6-7:30pm or 8-10pm

So which would you like to attend? Vote in the first poll on the side-bar of this blog.

Third, the same rink manager told us that the reason we don't have a steady Wednesday time is because figure skaters have ice time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He suggested that if we wanted a more steady block that we should change our Wednesday ice time to Tuesday or Thrusday. What do you think? Vote in the second poll on your right.

Well that's it. Now for a bit of news. August is almost over and so are our low numbers. Having said this, the Chief piggy bank took a hit this summer and, as always during this time of year, we're in the red. We'll therefore be needing to replenish our coffers for the year ahead. To do this, we'll be holding a Chiefs fund raiser in the month of September some time.
WE NOW OWE THE RINK 149,000 Won and we HAVE (-50,000 Won) in the CHIEFS BANK

And don't forget, we'll also be holding our yearly Spring Fling Inta-Squad Tourney in the fall (probably October). We also need to start thinking what international tourney we want to attend this year. Mongolia? Singapore? Tokyo? Calgary?

Friday, August 17, 2007

This SUNDAY morning

Ok Boyz and Galz,

I'm being told that we won't have enough players to finish up our tourney this Sunday morning so we're going to open up the ice time for anyone who feels like showing up.

SHOW UP!!!!!!!
8am to 10am in mok-dong.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

End of Tourney Party Extravaganza

When: Saturday, August 25th, 2007
Where: Beer O'clock
Who: Everyone and anyone

The Summer Sizzler is coming to an end next week and what better way to celebrate summer hockey than by having a beer....or two. Come on out to Beer O'clock in Mok-Dong and bring everyone and anyone you feel like bringing.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

We have HOCKEY wednesday night this week.

Jessie's Girls 1
Da Benders 0

Saturday, August 11, 2007

According to Clarke


Game One

Mok-Dong 8:00am to 10am
Pot Luck vs Seoul Synergy
Game Two
Anyang 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Jesse's Girls vs Da Benders
Game One
Mok-Dong 8:00am to 10:00am
Loser of Semi-Final One vs Loser of Semi-Final 2
Game Two
Anyang 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Winner of Semi-Final One vs Winner of Semi-Final Two

Thursday, August 09, 2007

SUnday Ice TImes!!!!!!

A few time changes!!!

Sunday, August 12th
8:00am to 10:00am

Sunday, August 19th
8:00am to 10:00am

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Final Countdown

Hey Sizzler's.... Time is winding down and the schedule is set up for finals action. Here's what is going on....
The semis will be played on August 12th at both rinks. The first place team will play the fourth place team in Omokgyo in the morning and the second place team will play the third place team in Anyang in the evening.
The Finals and Consolation Finals will both be played in Anyang on the 19th. Both games must start promptly to fit in the two hour time slot. The Consolation Finals will run as follows:
8:00 - Warm up
8:05 - Game Starts
8:20 - End of First Period
8:22 - Start of Second Period
8:37 - End of Second Period
8:39 - Start of Third Period
8:54 - End of Third Period
8:55 - Shootout if Necessary (please see Shootout Rules below)
9:00 - End of Shootout
The Finals will use the same time schedule. I would really like to have a ref for these games and the Semi-Finals. Does anyone know of someone who can help out?
We also need a trophy and a place to have the party. Ideas please!!! Clark's email is:(
Shootout Rules:
Three skaters per team. Teams alternate shots. If there is a tie after the first three skaters, sudden death will commence. Teams CANNOT use shooters that have already shot unless every skater has been used.

Friday, July 27, 2007

August ICE times

August is here and that means !!?? The Russian Ice Show. That takes up the main floor ice so it was hard to get ice times for the later part of the month. A couple of ice times may be added...

Wed Aug 1st 8:30pm-10:30pm
Sun Aug 5th 11am-12:30
Wed Aug 8th 9pm-11
Sun Aug 12th 8:30am-10 CHANGED!!! 8:00am to 10:ooam

NEW ICE TIME!!! Sunday, August 19th 8:00am to 10:00am

Thursday, July 12, 2007

MONDAY ice, July 16th

We've got an ice time in Mokdong at 6pm for 2 hours if anyone wants in. We'll be playing with the Ilsan Eagles. Fire your name in !

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Sizzler 2007 Standings











Team 1

Jesse’s Girls









Team 2

Pot Luck









Team 3

Seoul Synergy









Team 4

Da Benders









Friday, July 06, 2007


The Summer Sizzler 2007
4 Team Rosters
The Four Teams are:
  • Team One: Jesse's Girls
  • Team Two: Pot Luck
  • Team Three: Seoul Synergy
  • Team Four: Da Benders

Team One: Jesse's Girls

Captain: Clark Webster
Goalie: Jesse Watt
Defense: Craig Roessel, Steve Hawkins, Hee Joon, Steve Contic
Forwards: Charles Fullerton, Skrawny Cory, Richard Pak, Dave Segella, Cory Day, Ben Bomer, Matt Trower.

Team Two: Pot Luck

Captain: Marc Roberts
Goalie: Claude
Defense: Lance, Batman, John Morris, DJ.
Forwards: Paul Alexander, John Norris, Grimmer, Gi (Incheon), Walter Park, Jeff Stern, Bret Wilkerson.

Team Three: Seoul Synergy

Captain: Tommy Aaron
Goalie: Pete
Defense: Bill Hoven, Ben Lederer, Jamie Forrester, Ryan Weaver.
Forwards: Isaih Ubando, Ken Park, Aaron Geddes, Jason Tamblyn, Damien, Derek Elliott, Rick Dubois, Tyler Duels.

Team Four: Da Benders

Captain: Scott Nakashima
Goalie: Matt
Defense: Karl Dancause, T-Bone, Chris Deccio, Nathan Beck.
Forwards: Jason Whalen, Kenny Brathwaite, Jay Waddel, Lexi, Matt Bell, Dave Kavanah, Chris Shears.


8 July 1000-1200 Mokdong Team One vs Team Two

8 July 2000-2200 Anyang Team Three vs Team Four

15 July 1000-1200 Mokdong Team Two vs Team Four

15 July 2000-2200 Anyang Team One vs Team Three

22 July 1200-1400 Mokdong Team One vs Team Four

22 July 2000-2200 Anyang Team Two vs Team Three

29 July 1000-1200 Mokdong Team Three vs Team Four

29 July 2000-2200 Anyang Team One vs Team Two

5 August 1000-1200 Mokdong Team One vs Team Three

5 August 2000-2200 Anyang Team Two vs Team Four

12 August 1000-1200 Mokdong Semi Finals

12 August 2000-2200 Anyang Semi Finals

19 August 1000-1200 Mokdong Finals

19 August 2000-2200 Anyang Finals

Rules: The rules are the same as laid out for the RMT Chiefs inter-squad tournaments. Three 25 minute run-time periods, 3 minute run-time penalties. Refs control the game and have the right to toss whoever they see fit to be tossed. If the game ends in a tie, teams will go to a shootout.

Money: If you are playing in six games of the tournament, you pay 60,000 won up front (Sunday July 8). Or, you pay 15,000 won per game if you cannot pay upfront or you think you will only be playing part of the tournament. Please make every effort to have your money the first game, or you will be asked to pay on a per game basis. If you pay up front you save about 30,000 won.

Monday, July 02, 2007


This month we have open skates on Wednesday's. Sunday's, are booked for our Summer Sizzler Tournament.

Wed July 4th 9:30-11:30pm
Sun July 8th 10am-12
Wed July 11th 9-11pm
Sun July 15th 10am-12
Wed July 18th 9-11pm
Sunday July 22nd 12-2pm
Wed July 25th 9-11pm
Sun July 29th 10am-12

Friday, June 29, 2007

Canada Day


Right before the CANADA DAY Festivities!!

This Sunday is Canada Day! What better way to be/feel canadian then to strap on some skates and shoot the puck around? Our ice time will start at 8am and end at 10am. We'll be heading out to the Canada Day festivities following the shinny session. Come on out, eh?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and the survery SAYS....

Adam Oates' rookie team was....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday Ilsan

We're playing the Ilsan Eagles on their home ice Sunday (July 1st)morning at 10 am. We also have our regular ice time on Sunday at 10am in Mokdong.
If you wish to play in Ilsan, please leave a comment here. Many Chiefs will be playing regular shinny in Mokdong, so the rest of the team to play Ilsan will be made up of INCHON players. Get it? Chiefs shinny Sunday in Mokdong at 10am. The "Inchon Chiefs" will be playing in Ilsan Sunday, vs the Ilsan Eagles, at 10 am.
all taking place on Canada

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Sizzler Inter-Tri-Team Tourney 2007

Okay, here is our list of players as of .....right now!

Summer Sizzler Hockey Tournament – Draft Sheet

Geckos Glaciers
Chris Diciccio (Forward, Tier 2, will miss 1 or 2 games in July)
Derek Elliot (Forward, Tier 2, here for entire summer)
Clark Webster (Forward, Tier 2)
Ji Hyun (Goalie)
Korean Univ Kid (Forward, Tier 1, maybe)
Dave Kavanaugh (Defense, Tier 2, 1st 2 games only)
Charles Fullerton (Forward, Tier 2, back after 18 JUL)
Bill Hoven (Defense, Tier 2)
Ken Braithwaite (Forward/Def, Tier 2)
Paul Grimmer (Forward, Tier 2)
Pete Polombo (Goalie, 1st 2-3 games only)
Charlie Lee (Forward, Tier 2)

RMT Chiefs (15-20 Skaters)
1.Trevor MacDonald ( F, Tier 2,Gone for August)
2.Aaron Geddes (F,Tier1,gone Aug 4-23rd)
3.Steve Hawkins (D,Tier2,gone July 8th & Aug
4.Ben Lederer (D,Tier3,miss 1-2 games a month)
5.Matt Bell (F,Tier1,GoneJuly 14-17. and gone after Aug23rd)
6.Paul Alexander (F,Tier3)
7.Isaiah Ubando (F,Tier3)
8.MarcRoberts (D,Tier2)
9. Matt Trower (F,Tier2)
10.John Morris (F/D,Tier3)
11.Ben Bomer (F,Tier 3, July29-Aug5)
12.Claude Brisebois (Goalie, maybe end 2 wks Aug)
13. Bret Wilkerson (F,Tier 3)
14. John "Norris" (F,Tier 2)
15. Jay Waddell (F,Tier2, July30-Aug5)
16. Dave Segalla (F,Tier2, Aug21-30)
17. Ryan Weaver (D,Tier2)
18 Lexi (F,Tier2)
19 Tommy Aaron (F,D,G,Tier2)
20 Damien (F,Tier2)
21 Karl Dancause (F,Tier2,miss 2 weeks)
22 Corey N (F,Tier2)
23 Corry Day (F,Tier1)
24 HeeJoon (D,Tier2.)
25. Jeff Stern (F,Tier2)

Inchon Iceholes (5-10 Skaters)

Monday, June 18, 2007

SUnday GAme

Game Game Game
Sunday Sunday Sunday

The Ilsan team has asked us for a re-match. Last Sunday the game came down to a last second slap shot from Geddes for the win. Fun had by all!!

Now, 15 players signed up for the last game and 19 showed up. Not cool. So from now on, the only way to sign up for these games is to do it through this site on THIS post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more emails! No more phone calls! This will centralize the organizational process and, in theory, should make it easier for everyone to get in on these games.


Marc Roberts



Aaron G.

Dave S.

Hee Joon




Steve Hawk.

Bill Hoven

Matt Bell

Ryan C.

Dave W.

Nets: Claude

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Hockey

To all Chiefs,

There are a few whispers flowing around the Seoul rinks these days concerning some Fabulously Superb Seoul Summer Sizzler. Clay "the Mack-Daddy" Jannsen, who has moonlighted with the Chiefs since our natal years, has presented a tourney concept to the tribal council and it seems to have received a favorable response.

The idea is to have players from the Chiefs, the Glaciers and the Iceholes entered in a massive draft. As Clay put it, “each team would make an honest assessment of the skill level of each player prior to the draft. Also, the draft picks would have to be rotated between the 3 teams (i.e. if a captain picks a Chief, his next pick must be an Icehole or Glacier)”. The games would be split between Mok-Dong, Anyang and maybe Korea University. It would start in July and end in August.

As everyone who has been here in the summer knows, our numbers dwindle to miniscule proportions. This tournament is a great idea to keep the team afloat over the long summer months.

So what do YOU think?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Game and Party !!

Hello Chiefs,
For all who were involved in the Chiefs Spring Fling Inter-Squad tourney, the party is this Saturday June 16th. The location is Steve Hawkins' house (map to be attached soon) starting at 1pm. There will be a bbq,beer and hopefully sunshine!
The following Sunday morning at 10am, we are scheduled to play the Ilsan Eagles. For those able to play, please email us at
Go Chiefs...Go Hockey !
T-Bone #3

Ryan Casavant
Taul Paul
Marc R
aaron G
Bill Hov
Ryan and Twin bro
Big D
Matt T
Dave W
NETS: Claude

Thursday, May 31, 2007

June Ice Times

Here are the June Ice times:

June 3rd Sun 10am-12pm
June 6th Wed. 9:30-11:00

June 10th Sun 10am-12pm

June 13th Wed 10pm-11:30pm

June 17th Sun. 10am-12pm

June 20th Wed. 9:00pm-11:00pm

June 24th Sun. 10am -12 pm

June 27th Wed. 9:30-11:00pm

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Kimchi Pot "Rine up"

Hey there skaters,

Of course the Chiefs are going to the Kimchi Pot this year. Since there are two pools in this years tournament, we'll have two teams. Two teams you say!! That means we can (will) get 2 trophies. There will be a "Group A" team and a 'Group B" team.

This line up is "unofficial" but close...

Group A

Steve Faulkner

Corry Day

Craig R

Tyler D

Jamie C

Mike Nike

Craig's Brother

Eric, aka "e-ROD"

Bill Hoven

Aaron G


Group B

Paul S

Matt T


David S.


John Moris


Dave W

Aaron A



Steve Hawk

Hee June

Marc R

Jeff S


Good luck!

-tbone # 3

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Points for the tourney

Asian Sensation:
Corey N 3G 1A
Aaron G 3G 6A Scoring Champ
Jack 3G 3A
HeeJoon 1G 4A
Karl 1G 2A
John 1G 2A
Tall Paul 1G 1A
Adam 1 sperated knee
Craig 2A
David 1A
Jeff S 1G
Clay 2G
JimBob 1A

Dirty Sanchez
Marc 2A
SteveHawk 1A
Eric 1G 1A
Lee 1G 2A
Al 1G
Grigory 1G
AaronAl 2A
Steve'o 1A
CorryD 1G

The Lucky Pucks:
Ryan 1G 1A
Tbone 1G 1A
Donnie 1G 4A
MattB 1G 3A
BillHens 1A
BillHov 1A
Trent 1G
Tommy 2G 1A
PaulA 2A
Jason 1G 1A
Clark 4G 3A
Michel 1G
LP's --- #45 1G # 31 1A # 15 1A

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tourney Teams!!!

It's been talked about in every bar,hogwon and coffee shop in Seoul. The Chiefs annual Spring intersquad tourney is about to begin! The teams are listed below: Your respective captains should be contacting you soon.

Team A: Asian Sensation
Captain: Scrawney Corey
Goalie: Jimbob

Aaron G.
Hee Joon
Jeff Stern
Chuck Norris
Tall Paul
Adam D
Craig R.
David S.

Team B: Dirty Sanchez
Captain: Marc Roberts
Goalie: Dick
Lee Wong
Steve Hawkins
Eric Johnston
Al Frankenberger
Aaron A.
Steve Hatherly
John Morris
Correy D.
Matt Tower
Big D

Team C: The Lucky Pucks
Captain: Ryan "the Bull" Casavant
Goalie: Claude
Matt Bell
Donald Caldwell
Clark Webster
Bill Hoven
Bill Hendsbee
Jason Lusby
Paul Alexander

That's it! let the trash talking begin. Let's have a fun, clean tournament... The Schedule is as follows:
A vs. B May 13th 10:30-12:00
A vs. C May 20th 10:30-12:00
B vs. C May 27 11:00-1:00
Semi Final: 2nd and 3rd place teams after the round robin. June 3rd Time TBD
Final: Winner of the Round Robin vs. Winner of the Semi Final June 10th Time TBD

Party Location: TBD

Saturday, May 05, 2007


G'day Chiefs',
Sunday, May 6th after shinny we will be picking the teams for the Spring Fling. Hockey is from 10am-12pm.
Your Captains are :
Ryan Casavant

Cory the Scrawny

Mark Roberts

Get ready ! Get your name on the list....get your game face on!!!!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Spring Tournament

Spring Tournament Update

We'll be having our annual RMT Chief's Spring inter squad tournament starting May 13th. If you wish to join, email us, or put your name in the comments section. The Tournament will be every Sunday up to June 10th, with the party on June 17th.

You have until Sunday May 6th at 4pm to sign up. That evening three captains will draft 3 teams.

Always good a time!! Sign up !

These are the names I have in for the tourney:

Reff : Terry "the whistle"

JimBob G
James G
Claude G

Matt Trower
Bill Hoven
Tall Paul
Al Frankenberger
Donald Caldwel
Ryan Casavant
Aaron Geddes
Marc Roberts
Matt Bell
Paul Alexander
Darren McQuaid
John Moris*
Jeff Stern*
Adam D
Aaron Al
Stevie (new member)
Scrawny Cory
Corry Day*
Karl Dancause
Eric Johnston
Lee Wong
Clark Webster
Bill Hendsbee
Dave Weber*
Crag R*
David S.
Steve Hatherly

* these players may miss one game

Let me know if you are not on the list and you wish to play.