Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January Ice Times

Wednesday, December 28th        9pm~11
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 1st                      Cancelled, Due to Solar New Year
Wednesday, January 4th               9pm~11
Goalies - Rob "Gibby" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 8th                      10am~Noon
Goalies - Rob "Gibby" vs Bob "Pop Rox"
Wednesday, January 11th            9pm~11
Goalies -  Rob "Gibby" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 15th                    Cancelled, Due to Something or Other
Wednesday, January 18th            9pm~11
Goalies - Jason "The Manager" vs Bob "Pop Rox"
Sunday, January 22th                   Cancelled, Due to Lunar New Year 
Wednesday, January 25th            9pm~11 Game vs Bulldogs
Goalies - Bob "Pop Rox"
Sunday, January 29th                    10am~Noon
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"

Monday, December 05, 2011

Checkos Cup

Hello Checkos Cup Participants,

     The draft has been completed and the puck will drop for the start of the Checkos Cup this Sunday.  We tried to make the teams as even as possible.  Please check out the teams and game times below.  We will have four teams playing.  Each team will play each other one time.  The winner will be decided by points and the tie breakers outlined below.  The games will have 10 minutes of warm-ups, three 30 minute running time periods, two 5 minute intermissions, and the remaining time will be used for a shootout (if needed).   Please bring money and both a dark (black) and light (white) jersey with you this Sunday.  Fees are 50,000W if you are a player or 20,000W if you are a goalie.  Let’s have fun, play hard, respect each other and HAVE FUN!  See you on the ice.

Team A
Adam Licata           Offence
Bosu Jong              Offence
Charles Fullerton     Offence
Chris Cassidy          Offence
Colin Gennoe          Any          
Harry Hester           Offence
Hee Jun                  Defense
Jae Won
Mark Bellamere       Offence
Mike Tracey            Offence
Paul Reed               Goal           
Rob Gibson             Any     
Ryan Cassavant      Offence
Victor Liu                Defense

Team B
Aaron Allison           Any    
AhReum Park          Offence
Brett Robert             Any    
Brian Klesatn           Offence
Charlie Lee              Offence
Eddie Hollan            Goal   
Jason Tamblyn         Any    
Kent Ferris               Any    
Kevin Deucet           Offence
Michel Duguay         Defense
Myung Goo
Scott Nicoll              Offence
Tommy Aaron           Defense
Zane Chorneyko        Defense

Team C
Andrew Monteith      Offence
Ben Bomer              Offence
Ryan Norwood         
Chris Shears                      
Ian Pollard                Any   
Jason Kim                Any           
Matt MacDonald       Goal   
Carlos                      Defense
Walter Park              Any   
Young Choe             Offence
Jun                          Defense
Shank                      Offence
Craig Alvaro              Offence
Andy Bruce              Offence

Team D
Blair Lee                  Goal   
Chad Lynch             Defense
Chad Boudreau        Offence
Jason Hunt              Offence
Jun Lee                   Offence
Kyeong Jong           Offence
Michael McCarthy    Defense
Rick Dubios             Defense
Roh Young              Defense
Tom Peckford          Any     
Ui Lyong Choi          Offence
Vic King Mui            Offence
Merv McLean           Offence
Jamie Brooks           Offence

Sunday, Dec. 4th
Noon to 2 pm
           C vs. D
Score 19 - 3
Referee:  Perry Kalynuk
9 pm to 11 pm
           A vs. B
Score 25 - 9
 Referee:  Colin Walker

Sunday, Dec. 11th
10am to Noon
          A vs. D
Score 3  -   8
Referee:  Colin Walker
9 pm to 11 pm
         B vs. C
Score 5   -   9
Referee: Perry Kalynuk

Sunday, Dec. 18th 
9 pm to 11 pm
          B vs. D
Score 5   -  3
 Referee: Colin Walker

Wednesday, Dec. 21st 
Noon to 2 pm
          A vs. C
Score 19   -  10
Referee:  Tommy Aaron

The winner will be declared by points, two points awarded for a win, zero for a loss.  The order of tie breakers shall be as follows:
①     Head to Head in Regulation
②     Head to Head in Shootouts
③     Goal Differential
④     Goals For
⑤     Goals Against

    Please respect the referees and the facilities that we are a guest at.  If you are interested in being a linesman for a game that you are not playing in, please to this email stating so.

   Read the attached document for further information.  If you have any questions of comments, please contact the management; Charles Fullerton, Ryan Casavant, or Tommy Aaron.

   Remember to have fun, that is why we play the game.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Ice Times

Sunday, Dec. 4th Noon~2pm
Checkos Game Team C vs D
Wednesday, Dec. 7th CANCELLED for Tournaments
Sunday, Dec 11th 10am~Noon
Checkos Game Team A vs D
Wednesday, Dec. 14th 9pm~11pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, Dec. 18 CANCELLED for Speed Skating
Wednesday, Dec. 21th 9pm~11pm
Checkos Game Team A vs C
Sunday, Dec. 25th Noon~2pm Cancelled
Checkos Game Team A vs C
Wednesday, Dec. 28th 9pm~11pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chiefs vs Geckos game at 9pm in Anyang

Final score 17 - 15 for the CHIEFS!!!!!
For those people that bailed, if you sign up come out or don't sign up!
It's hard enough to set games up and frustrating when people don't show up!
Off Ends
          Left                   Center           Right
Ryan Cassavant(assisted and defended)    Chris Cassidy(Scored a few)     Jason Hunt(Assisted and scored)
Jason Kim bailed   Aaron Allison(Scored a few)     Walt Park bailed
You In Harry(Thx)(Scored against us WTF!?!)      You Shud           Thou Plae
Dee Fends
          Left                                           Right
Jason Tamblyn(Terrorized the ice with his full frontals)       Micheal McCarthy bailed
Aaron Geddies(Terrorized Geckos)        Tommy Aaron(Terrorized Chiefs)
Pete Goalie(Saved our ass!)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Ice Times

This month is a little light on hockey so come on out when we do have ice! Go hockey!

Wednesday, November 2      No ice due to construction
Sunday, November 6            No ice due to tournaments
Wednesday, November 9      9 pm~11 pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Peter "The Great"
Sunday, November 13          No ice due to tournaments
Wednesday, November 16    9 pm~11 pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, November 20          12pm ~ 2 pm
Canceled because 'The Man' said so
Wednesday, November 23    9 pm~11 pm
Peter "The Great" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, November 27          No ice due to tournaments
Wednesday, November 30    9 pm~11 pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lineup for the game against geckos!

Offence Left Center Right
Walt Park Ryan Cassavant Darren McQuaid
Ben Bomer Aaron Allison Victor Mui
Seung Ho Park Jun Lee Jason Kim

Defense Left Right
Tom Pickerford Jason Tamblyn
Tommy Aaron Hee Jun

Goalie...Pete Palombo....I think.

Friday, September 30, 2011

October Ice Times

Sunday, October 2nd              NO HOCKEY-Soju Tournament  
Wednesday, October 5th        9:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm
Sunday, October 9th               NO HOCKEY
Wednesday, October 12th       NO HOCKEY
Sunday, October 16th             9:30 am ~ 11:00 am

Goalies - Tommy "The Terminator" vs Jason "The Manager"
Wednesday, October 19th       9:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm

Goalies - Jason "The Manager" vs Peter "The Great"
Sunday, October 23rd             10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm

Goalies - Bob "Pop Rox" vs Ian "The Recuperator"
Wednesday, October 26th       9:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm

Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, October 30th             

Game vs Geckos                     10:00 am ~ 12:00 am UPSTAIRS!!
Reply to the email ASAP!
Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Bob "Pop Rox"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chiefs Line up for the Tournament

       Left                            Center                 Right
Ryan Casavant          Tommy Aaron        Darren McQuaid
Kyung                         Aaron Allison        Vic Mui
Jason                          Kyle Cassily         Ben Bomer

       Left                               Right
Tom Peckford            Micheal McCarthy
Michel Duguay          Jason Tambourine

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The big weekend is coming up quick and it should be a good one! We have 6 confirmed teams which is actually perfect for the tournament. We will have 2 refs (1 Korean and 1 Foreign) for each game with a scorekeeper operating the scoreboard. Water and pucks will be supplied at each game. We are still waiting for approval to have a BBQ outside the rink where food and booze will be offered at a cost. ONCE AGAIN....NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION INSIDE THE BUILIDING! Please help to make this tournament work well by following these two simple rules. 


The banquet will be held at Beer O'clock (Sinchon Station – Line 2 near Hongdae) starting at 5pm. The bar itself will be open at 1pm for those that want to get going early.

Division 1
Division 2
Mallies HC

Friday September 30th
11pm -12am       Geckos vs. Mallies HC
12am – 1am        Wolves vs. Huskies
1am – 2am          Chiefs vs. Greyhounds

Saturday October 1st
2pm – 3pm         Huskies vs. Chiefs
3pm – 4pm         Geckos vs. Greyhounds
6pm – 7pm         Mallies HC vs. Wolves
7pm – 8pm         Huskies vs. Geckos
8pm – 9pm         Greyhounds vs. Mallies HC
9pm – 10pm       Chiefs vs. Wolves
10pm – 11pm     Q1 – 2nd Division 1 vs. 3rd Division 2
11pm – 12am     Q2 – 2nd Division 2 vs. 3rd Division 1

Sunday October 2nd
9am – 10am        S1 – 1st Division 1 vs. Winner Q2
10am – 11am     S2 – 1st Division 2 vs. Winner Q1
11am – 12pm     FINAL - WINNER S1 vs. WINNER S2

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Chiefs vs Incheon Lineup

Game result: Chiefs 8 vs Incheon 7
It was a back and forth game with some last minute drama prior to entrance of the zamboni.
Chris Cassidy saved the day with 4 goals!
Go Chiefs! Game starts at 10am!
                      L            C              R
Line 1          Tim W    Chris C     Clark W
Line 2          Ryan C   Kyeong     Darren M
Line 3          Harry    Jun          Victor
                       L             R
Pair 1        Tom P          Tommy A
Pair 2        YeongSae    HeeJun
Pair 3        Jason T      ______

Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Eddie "The Eagle"


Monday, August 29, 2011

September Ice Times

Sunday, September 4, 10am~12
Game vs Incheon line up will be posted soon
Wednesday, September 7, 9pm~11
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"
Sunday, September 11, NO HOCKEY for Chuseok
Wednesday, September 14, 9pm~11
 Goalies - TBD
Sunday, September 18, 12~1:30PM
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Wednesday, September 21, 9pm~11
 Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"
Sunday, September 25, 10am~12
Game Cancelled! Regular Skate, so come on out!
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Wednesday, September 28, 9PM~11
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Steve "The Carrot"
Get your lazy butts outta that sofa and PLAY HOCKEY!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goalie Schedule

Chiefs goalies,

If you want to play in net contact Blair on the goalie email list.

Thanks for helping out Blair!

August Ice times

Wednesday, August 3rd - 9:30-11pm

Sunday, August 7th - 9:30-11am

Wednesday, August 10th - 9-11pm

Sunday, August 14th - 9:30-11am

Wednesday, August 17th - 9-11pm

Sunday, August 21st - 9:30-11am
Goalies - Rob "Gibby" vs Eddie "The Eagle"
Wednesday, August 24th - 9-11pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"
Sunday, August 28th - 9:30-11am
Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Tommy "The Terminator"
Wednesday, August 31st - 9-11pm
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who's in net?

Wednesday July 20th.
Blair and Gibby
will update soon!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chiefs Ice times for July

Hey there fellow Chiefs,

We have a lot of great ice times this month, so let's back into the swing of things and play some hockey! Come on out and support the Chiefs!

Sunday, July 3rd 10-11:30am  

Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Terry "The Glove"
Wednesday, July 6th 9-11pm  
Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Blair "needs a nickname"
day, July 10th 10am-12pm
Goalies - Terry "The Glove" vs Blair "needs a nickname"
Wednesday, July
13th 9-11pm  
Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Blair "needs a nickname"
Sunday, July 17th 9:30-11am
Goalies - TBD 
nesday, July 20th 9-11pm
Goalies - Blair "needs a nickname" vs 
Sunday, July 24th 11am-12:30pm
Goalies - TBD 
nesday, July 27th 9-11pm  
Goalies - Peter "The Great" vs Blair "needs a nickname"
Sunday, July 31st 10am-12pm
Goalies - TBD 

Friday, June 24, 2011

T-Bone's Last Game Roster

First of all, thanks for signing up ! This should be a fun day of skating and a few drinks. There's no better way to go out as a Chief.
It couldn't have worked out better and right down to the wire.... It's a FULL roster with 32 guys.
I will remind everyone again, there are going to be a lot of guys there and quick shifts will work best for everyone !
The game is 30 000 won with some free beers at Beer O'clock after the game.

Game is Sunday at 10 AM upstairs

Here are the teams I've worked out. I think they look even on paper. Time will tell !

If people don't show up we'll have to make a couple of changes.

Referee = Terry "the glove" Clark

TEAM 1 Watty's Warriors



Tom P

Ryan C
Chris Kim

TEAM 2 Blair's Bully's


Jin Young
Dr Dave

Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey guys. This will be my last update for ice times and ... my last month of Chiefs hockey.
We've lost a lot of guys to the JPHL and we are suffering in the books. If you are free Wednesday evenings or Sunday's please come out and support the team. The past three skates have been really good.

Sun June 5th 9am-10:30am
Sun June 12th 10am-12pm (New Time)
Wed June 15th 9:30pm-11pm (New Time)

Wed June 22nd 9-11pm
Sun June 26th 10am-12pm UPSTAIRS Tbone's last game with the Chiefs. Hockey game then some free beer at Beer O'clock!! Game costs 30 000W with money going to the Chiefs. Sign up !
Wed June 29th 9-11pm Tbone's last skate! Come on out !

June 26th Game Roster: (32 spots available)
Mike McCarthy
Ryan Casavant
Ben Bomer
Chris Kim
Tom Peckford
Aaron Al
Chris Cass
Andy Bruce
Bill Peers
Rick D
Dr Dave
Jin Lee
Paul Alexander
Steve C

Monday, May 02, 2011

May Ice

Here's what we've got for ice for the rest of the month fellers

Wed 25th 9:30pm-11pm
Sun 29th 10am-12pm

Friday, April 01, 2011

Chiefs Ice times for April 2011

Sun 3rd NO Hockey
Wed 6th NO Hockey
Sun 10th 10am-12pm
Wed 13th 9-11pm
Sun 17th 10am-12pm
Wed 20th 9:00-11pm NEW TIME (was 9:30)
Sun24th NO Hockey
Wed 27th 9:30-11pm

Not bad ! See you out there !

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sunday March 6th

Game vs Incheon 10am-12pm Sunday 13th

Blair in Nets

Scotty N
Aaron G
Tom P

Friday, February 25, 2011

March Ice Times

Come on out when you can !

wed March 2nd 9-11pm
Sun 6th 11am-12:30pm Game vs Daejeon (email to get on Roster)
wed 9th 9-11pm
Sun 13th 10am-12pm (Game vs Incheon) Email to get on roster
wed 16th 9-11pm
Sun 20th 10:30am-12pm
wed 23rd 9:30pm-11pm
Sun 27th NO HOCKEY
wed 30th 9-11pm


Saturday, January 29, 2011

February ICE

Happy Lunar New Year !! 6th NO SKATE... go do something with a Rabbit

Wed 2nd 8-10pm UPSTAIRS Special time!!
Sun 6th NO SKATE
Wed 9th 9-11pm
Sun 13th 10am-12pm
Wed 16th 9-11pm
Sun 20th 9:30-11am
Wed 23rd 9-11pm
Sun 27th ----------->CANCELED !