Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January Ice Times

Wednesday, December 28th        9pm~11
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 1st                      Cancelled, Due to Solar New Year
Wednesday, January 4th               9pm~11
Goalies - Rob "Gibby" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 8th                      10am~Noon
Goalies - Rob "Gibby" vs Bob "Pop Rox"
Wednesday, January 11th            9pm~11
Goalies -  Rob "Gibby" vs Jason "The Manager"
Sunday, January 15th                    Cancelled, Due to Something or Other
Wednesday, January 18th            9pm~11
Goalies - Jason "The Manager" vs Bob "Pop Rox"
Sunday, January 22th                   Cancelled, Due to Lunar New Year 
Wednesday, January 25th            9pm~11 Game vs Bulldogs
Goalies - Bob "Pop Rox"
Sunday, January 29th                    10am~Noon
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Jason "The Manager"

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Dugal said...

Hey, I realize this is totally the wrong spot to be posting this, but since your website is down, I can't figure out how the hell to get in contact with you guys, and I'm dying to hit the ice!!! My email is dugalm11@hotmail.com. I'd really appreciate it if someone could drop me a message so I can ask you some qs about location, equipment needed, and level. Thanks a million!!