Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Hockey on Sunday!

April 1st, No hockey!
So come on out to Beer O'clock and drink till you drop!
All you can drink from 5-7pm for 30,000 won!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chiefs Fundraiser on Saturday, March 31st at Beer o'clock starting at 5pm

Chiefs fundraiser on Saturday, March 31st at Beer o'clock starting at 5pm! Everybody is welcome, girlfriends, wives, mistresses, etc. ALL YOU CAN DRINK from 5-7pm for 30,000 won! Come on out and support the Chiefs by consuming as much booze as you can for 2 hours!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Chiefs game vs the Vikings

9 forwards 6 defense and a stretchy Lemur between the pipes
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The lineup will be posted below:  Full roster
Final Score:
Chiefs 12 Vikings 3

Line 1          Dugal Monk            Clarkinator             Vic       
Line 2          Karl                        Ryan C                   Big D
Line 3          Jun                          Kyong                    Scott
Pair 1          Jason Tubthumping           Tom Peaker
Pair 2           Michel                           Park Seungmo
Pair 3          Chad Harnett                   Tommy

Goalie - Lemur(very stretchy)

March Ice Times

Sunday, 4th 9:30~11:00
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"  
Wednesday, 7th 9:00~11:00 Vikings' Game
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" 
Sunday, 11th No ice - Women's IIHF 
Wednesday, 14th No ice - Women's IIHF 
Sunday, 18th 10:00~11:30
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Blair "Lemur"
Wednesday, 21st 9:00~11:00
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Pete "r The Great"
Sunday, 25th 9:30~11:00
Goalies -  Tommy "The Terminator"  vs Blair "Lemur"
Wednesday,28th 9:00~11:00
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Pete "r The Great"