Friday, March 02, 2012

March Ice Times

Sunday, 4th 9:30~11:00
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" vs Tommy "The Terminator"  
Wednesday, 7th 9:00~11:00 Vikings' Game
Goalies - Blair "Lemur" 
Sunday, 11th No ice - Women's IIHF 
Wednesday, 14th No ice - Women's IIHF 
Sunday, 18th 10:00~11:30
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Blair "Lemur"
Wednesday, 21st 9:00~11:00
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Pete "r The Great"
Sunday, 25th 9:30~11:00
Goalies -  Tommy "The Terminator"  vs Blair "Lemur"
Wednesday,28th 9:00~11:00
Goalies -  Jason "The Manager" vs Pete "r The Great"

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