Monday, October 30, 2006

Light weights weigh in !! Who will take on the Heavy weight??

At a popular watering hole in Seoul, Korea, the goalies went head to head for a final shot before hitting the ice this Sunday. Only 25 minutes and the possibility of a shoot out remain, to decide who will take on the only undefeated team in the tourney. The "NemSae" Tacos.
November 5th at 11am in Mokdong! Two will go home, and one will drink from the never seen before " ? ? Cup" Who will be known as the 2006 Fall Tourney Champions ?
WHO WILL IT BE!!??? YOUR TEAM?????? Be there, be there, BE THERE!!!
Let's get ready to rrrrrrrrrumble!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

November Ice times

We got our Wednesday ice time back! We must keep up our numbers like we have been in order to keep it, so come on out.

Nov 1st 9:30pm-11pm
5th 11:00am-1:00pm (This ice time is the last day for the tournament)
8th 9:30-11pm
12th8:30am-10:00am ( canceled due to the Chiefs party the night b4)
19th9:00am-11am ( No ice..sleep, we're in Daegu)
26th10:00am-12pm ( Inchon IceHoles game)

T-bone #3

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Double header proves to be difficult...

Game 1
Tommy Hawks 5 Sweaty Tacos 7

Game 2
TommyHawks 5 Mokdong Manglers 7

Sunday October 29th sees Sweaty Tacos vs the Manglers first, then Tacos, T-Hawks.

Biggest Sunday yet! It's all there!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tourney Standings


Team Name









The Sweaty Tacos









The Tomahawks









The Mok-Dong Manglers








Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Chiefs had their first skate on this day, October 19th, 2003 at 7am Sunday morning. Most had a stick, skates, mandatory helmet, and no clue if we could get another ice time.

Now to date we've had
2 trips to Mongolia (donating over 10 full sets of used gear)
2 visits to the Kimchi Pot, Seoul.
4 intersquad tournaments
1 season in the Jim Paek Hockey League
many games with the Inchon, IceHole hockey club
Over 100 players from over eight countries
3 barbecue fundraisers
4 Jersey designs
oh, and just a "few" parties, beers, and good times


Monday, October 16, 2006

Mayhem in Mokdong! Manglers Massively Mangled !

<----- Manglers please read. Spirits were high on Sunday morning for the opening day of the Chiefs Fall Tourney. Spirits were also at high levels on the breaths of many as they laced up! The TommyHawks seemed calm as they got ready. The Manglers were trying to get fired up with a few tunes and trying not to give up hope on their #1 pick showing up. With the TommyHawks one man short and the Manglers 2 men short, the game got underway with the drop of the puck by veteran Chief, Jeremy Sands. It was a quick paced game and the T-Hawks came out on top quicky. With a three shot warm up, Rene and his team would quicky be down with little hope of making a comeback. Tommy, did not see many shots however most of the ones he did, he made some pretty good stops. The T-Hawks got the puck out of their zone quicky and the Manglers seemed to almost enjoy keeping it in theirs.. that being said the horn went and the TommyHawks were victorious, taking game one 11-3
Three Stars of the game
3 Steve'o
2 Tommy
1 Line 1.2.3 for the team in White

Game two of the Sunday double header saw The Manglers vs the Smelly Tacos. (I still don't understand that name) The Manglers were down in spirit however they came out quick in this game. They appeared warmed up and took a quick 4-0 lead. That lead would not last long. The stick of Aaron Geddes was fast, and working hard. He netted an amazing 6 goals.
This was a tough fought battle and was the best game yet in the tourney. Tom Daniel's one timer fed from Karl was a beauty! The Geddes, off the faceoff goal still haunts Rene, T-bone's broken stick (would have been in) and Jack's twisty turns were all great highlights. This game was also the most physical game so far. Let it be noted that CLAY took the first penalty. He's usually good for one, haha.
*just a note to all...the tourney does see an increase in speed. Keep your heads up.
When Sands finally called the game, it was the Manglers 7 and the Tacos 11. Guess the Manglers should have just went to 7-11 and drowned their losses.
I think most enjoyed the first day of play. Having the score clock was a really nice addition. For any who think two games is easy, it's not. But for any who think it's too much, it's not. It's still fun.
Three stars are:
3 Rene "the puck stopped here a few times" Boucher
2 Tom Daniel
1 Aaron geddes
See you all on Sunday. Good luck to all!
Oh, and we've taken Rene's pads to the lab to see if the stolen pucks are stuck in there somewhere.


Friday, October 13, 2006

TVU Player

This is just too good not to pass on. For all of us in Korea, it is extremely difficult to get access to any type of hockey. Well, do we have a present for you.

It's a P2P program that broadcasts real-time TV programs live over the Web. It has ESPN, ESPN2, Movie channels, Comedy Central and a bunch of other channels the most important of which is

NHL Centre Ice

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chiefs Pirate Radio

We are going to try to get access to the rink stereo system for the tourney. We aren
t sure if it will possible but well give it a try. So we are asking whoever is interested to submit a playlist of music they would like to hear during the games. Use the comments section to submit your playlists

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let the Games Begin

The Second Annual Vasquez Fall Tournament



With no more shinny ice times this week, The Vasquez Tourney is officially under way. The first game, scheduled for this Sunday at 9a.m., will pin the Mok-Dong Manglers against the Tomahawks. The Manglers will be sporting Blood Red as they will be the home team on Sunday. The Tomahawks will therefore be wearing Whites. Following that game the Manglers (again in Red) will face-off against the Sweaty Tacos (in White) at 1030a.m.

A few points to be noted, there have been a few changes in the game format.

1. Each game will consist of 2 thirty minutes periods (run-time) and one 5 minute overtime period. We wanted to have 3 twenty minute periods but the games would be too tight. The 2 periods will allow us 20 minutes for the Zamboni and the warm-up. So the game schedules will go as follows

Game 1

  • 9:00~9:20 Zamboni and warm-up
  • 9:20~9:50 1st Period
  • 9:50~9:53 1st Intermission
  • 9:53~10:23 2nd Period
  • 10:23~10:25 OT Intermission (if necessary)
  • 10:25~10:30 Overtime (if necessary)

Game 2

  • 10:30~10:50 Zamboni and warm-up
  • 10:50~11:20 1st Period
  • 11:20~11:23 1st Intermission
  • 11:23~11:53 2nd Period
  • 11:53~11:55 OT Intermission (if necessary)
  • 11:55~12:00 Overtime (if necessary)

2. There will be NO RED LINE which means that two line passes will be allowed.

3. All the other rules that apply to normal games will apply here.

4. We are asking that every team has a captain and two assistants because we dont want everyone talking/screaming at Jeremy. Its not official or anything but we want to give Jeremy the power to kick people out of the game if they abuse him verbally.

5. Fighting gets you kicked out of the tourney

6. Can't think of much else so....


A Tamer Sunday (short but sweet)

A Tamer Sunday.

Last skate was much tamer than the injury riddled shinny session of Sunday past. We had 5 on each bench and two goalies at each end. It was fairly typical with Aaron shooting and scoring, jack twisting and turning, me shouting idiotic sentences but wait what’s this? J for three? Big D for three? That's right! A couple of surprising hat tricks that caped off another high scoring ‘defense-less’ affair. Rene and Ryan both played well considering the lack of defense but I’m sure Ryan can’t wait for all our goalies to get back to the Lands of Morning Calm so he can get bact to whizzing pucks next to their heads.

All in all, it was nice to see that we are no longer hurting for numbers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Essence of Vasquez

Smell that? That! What is that?

There’s something lingering in the cold Mok-Dong air. It’s called Essence of the Vasquez; a twinge of hard-hitting with a speck of bone crushing pre-tournament sweat. Last Sunday was a fast paced, hard fought affair that may have some major repercussions on the Vasquez Tournament.

We had quite a few new faces join the Chiefs and many older Chiefheads making renewed appearances to shed that summertime rust and get geared up for the tourney. By the time I arrived we had over 20 players already suited up and ready to hit the ice. Only one problem, we only had one goalie. A quick glance around the room and quite a few head shakes later a consensus was found. Well actually it more like walked in the locker room: Ryan. A quick trip to the locker, a few smacks to dust off the pads and voila: a goalie we make- and what a goalie at that. Ryan had his best game as a Chief. He made sprawling save after glove save. He even had the ‘St. Patty Wink’ down packed. All to say, Ryan won the goalie comp and...the Elvis suit.

Outside the crease, we had 6 subs for the whites and 7 for the darks. All these able bodies made for some high paced hockey and brought up the intensity level to overblown proportions as we had more than a few collisions. The worst of which came in the last 20 minutes of play when Marc Roberts went one on one against Aaron Alinson. It was a hard hit heard through the rafters. Marc skated down the left wing and, as soon as he crossed the blue line, tried his patented "Roberts Shake and Cut". Having played against him more than twice and expecting the "Shake and Cut", Aaron reached for a poke check but ended up crashing right into Marc who had his head down. Marc took the brunt of that collision and is now doubtful for the tourney. The Chiefs doctors had a look at him and discovered what may be a cracked rib, his third. If the rib is actually cracked Marc will be out for at least the next 4 weeks which puts the Tommy-Hawks one Dman down. Darren also went down after feeling the effects of an Aaron Geddes shot to the thigh. He took a few shifts off but came back late in the game and should be ready for the tourney.

A recreation of the Marc/Aaron hit (Marc being in yellow and black)

3 Stars

1st Star - Ryan for taking one for the team and playing so well

2nd Star – The old faces

3rd Star – The new ones

Don't forget about our last Sunday shinny ice time before the tourney:

Sunday October 8th between 8am to 10am

Edit:The Chiefs are an open team with the operative word being OPEN.

Hockey Tip #29: Keep your head up when you're cutting in the middle