Thursday, December 21, 2006

Low Numbers=Less Ice times

We have been a little short on numbers over the holidays therefore we have decided not to book a xmas ice time.


We will have a X-Mas Eve ice time (Sunday the 24th) from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Guess we're doing it the French Canadian way - opening presents on X-Mas Eve as opposed to waiting for X-Mas mornin'.


hope to see you out on the eve. nothing like a bit of skating before hitting the turkey.

Low Numbers Brings Xmas Jeers

It looks like T-bone was right in his previous blog posting about many people exiting the peninsula. This past Sunday, when I arrived at the rink after battling the mightiest snowstorm Seoul has ever seen I was devastated to see I was the only on there. But, "Have No Fear" Tommy soon showed up with a buddy from Inchon in tow. It turns out he's a goalie too! go figure! Whilst Tommy and I waited and started to phone around to see who we could rouse out of bed an extremely hung over Lexi came trodding through the snow with everybody's favourite Swede(until World Jr's start anyways) Kim. Still wondering where all the players were we headed for the dressing room to get ready for our ice tim and Steve Hawkins wonders in all the way from Paris where he was drinking French Wine and learning new French phrases that he could try out on Karl. Speaking of Karl he was captured by the North Koreans on Sunday and accused of being a spy for the South. Now we all know why he lives so close to the DMZ. Good news though, our other beloved assistant captain has confirmed his presence for Sunday. So those that want to hear about his time in NK prison camp come on out this Sunday.

All in all on Sunday we didn't have a good turnout, we had enough for 5 aside with 2 goalies and one sub each.. not fun hockey folks. Tommy's buddy Brad who hadn't played on skates in 5+ years did a stand up job battling Rene for the goalie honour. For those who were who drunk in bed too bad you missed a great goaltending display on the upstairs rink no less..

On Wednesday it was the same story. Tommy and myself were the 1st two to arrive and the first thought through our heads was "not again" but alas it was as if the hockey god's decided not to bless this week. The turnout was even worse than Sundays. The dark team had 4 players and the White team had 4 players with one sub.. again not fun hockey.. but we made due. Clark showed up with two pretty Korean girls on his arms but he didnt' have enough money to keep them throughout the whole game.. too bad..Cole decided to make his official comeback he signed a 4 year deal with the Chiefs worth a lot of money (rumour have it at 2 million a year Korean \ of course).. he's not contending for the #1 goalie spot between Tommy and Rene more on that to come..The goalies were the stars of this game putting up with end to end rushes with not much in the way of defence.. both goalies were solid (just ask Clark) Hockey is at 10am this Sunday! for those who haven't been coming out come on out! we need the players!!!!

Big D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fa ra ra ra ra ! !

Seasons greetings,

Like every December many seek to exit the peninsula, whether it is to a hotter sun or to family back home. For those who can't get a chance to get away, there will be some good skates for you to come out and enjoy. We have Wednesday and Sunday ice, with our monthly Inchon IceHoles game on the 31st at 10 am. Let's leave the 2006 year with a win! It was a great close game last time and should be another good one. We should know this week if there is a Christmas day ice time.
This is one of the fun pics Angelo took last Sunday. The team pic will be available soon. We're just photoshopping it up to get rid of hangovers. Happy holiday's to all !

Eat, Drink and be Merry

T-bone #3

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ice in December ='s Good Times

December is upon us, so here are our ice times. For those fortunate enough to get away for the holidays, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! For those who can't, happy holidays, and come on out and play! We have some really good ice times this month. And we should, like the past 3 years, have a Christmas day ice time.
On the 10th, I am trying to gear up a new team photo. If you want to be in it, be there, it's just that simple. See you on the ice !

Sun3rd -------10am-12pm
Sun10th------10am-12pm(Team Photo)
Sun31st-------10am-12pm (Game vs Inchon)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Money Money Money

Hello Chiefs,
Some of you owe for Jerseys from the first order. The Chiefs kitty is covering you for now and is need of payment.
They Kitty is also covering those who are not up to date on locker fees.

Please pay what you owe.

December 8th Game with Ilsan Eagles

Canceled ..... maybe another chance in the new year...sorry

T-bone #3

Monday, November 27, 2006

RMT Chiefs Pull out a Big "W"

November 26th, 2006

The Chiefs showed up Sunday morning with a full roster and were hungry for a win. Their competitor, and friends, the "Evil" Inchon IceHoles. Conditions were just right. A 10 am start, let the cobwebs fall and we seemed confident. There were even two back ups (Joakim and Jay) at the rink ready to go, incase of any no shows.
Reff Terry, got the game underway after a good warm up. Through the game there would be a bit of stick work but Terry kept it under control. The game would see the Chiefs go on the board first, but it would be quickly answered by three from Inchon.
The second saw the Chiefs want to win. Later in the 2nd the Chiefs went on and scored 4 goals and the I-Holes netting one more. The 3rd started at a score of 5-4 and would see another quick goal by the fired up Chiefs. Inchon would score again to make it a close one however having to pull their goalie late in the third, late Jack would get the empty netter to secure the Chiefs win at 7-5.
I must say, because we play Inchon usually every month and they have been spanking us for the past 4 games in a row, this win feels really good. Good work to all those who played. Next month we'll be rotating in players who sat out(thanks to those who did) or couldn't play in this game. Got it?
3 stars go to:

3 Jack
2 Scrawny Corry
1(Burrito and Coke) Ryan Casssssssavant

Chiefs can win !
# 3

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Blog Clean-up

Go Chiefs GO

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Chiefs go to Daegu..part 1

A troop of 13 (Spark, Roberts, Lexi, Darren, Tommy, Tbone, DJ, Isaiah, Rachel, MiYoung, Clark, Jimbob and Rene) took off Friday, November 17th on the KTX, destination Daegu. Saturday the troop got 4 more recruits (Joakim,t-Rowe,Craig and Jamie). Friday's pregame party was a good, but it would not be better than the "Sparky, Super Saturday, Take your pants off, Birthday Bonanza"
Before the party we would be very kindly hosted, by the home team Daegu Thunder-Birds. They put on a great event, with music, shoot to win and an amazing number of fans! I'm surprised that they didn't have a Coaches Corner!!
The game would see The Chiefs score first to hush the almost capacity crowd of 150. They would not be silent long however. The T-Birds would get on the board soon after, and the game would continue to go back and forth by one goal. A total of 9 goals would be scored but the Chiefs would loose to a score of 5-4. Goal scores for The Chiefs were, Jamie Cottin, Craig with a pair, Clark, and Lexi...almost.
Your RMT three stars are!
# 3 the Clark Rene Duo, for best goal celebration ever.
2 the Jamie got wheels, Craig loves D, Duo
1 Jimbob the tender
*There will be a Dos Tacos burrito set given to Jamie and Jimbob. You should just be able to go to the Gangnam location and tell them you are with the Chiefs Hockey Club and they owe you a Burrito and coke.
Come on out for Wednesday hockey tonight. See you there!
Tbone # 3

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inchon IceHoles Game Roster

THIS GAME IS AT 10:00 am this doesn't mean you arrive at 10.
If you are not on this list you'll have no ice time on November 26th.

We are now FULL !

Frazier, T-bone, MattBell, Wayne, Rene, Terry, AaronG, Tall Paul, Ryan C, Karl, Jack,SteveHawk,Cory,Trent,DaveW



Line 1




Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hey There Chiefs.

The Tournament, slash anniversary party will be held at the Rocky Mountain Taven this Saturday, November 11th at 6pm. There will free FOOD AND DRINKS from 6-9pm for the following people:

Any player who paid and played in the tourney. (there are 36 of ya) referee: Jeremy sands
Linesman: Roberts
Wives or girlfriends (not both..haha) of the above 38 people

Other Chiefs are more than welcome to come, as well as A friend. I will have to collect 20 000 (after 7:30pm 15 000) won from those who are not included in the 38 people above.

There will be four or five items of food to choose from and draft beer. If you are there at the right may just get in on a bottle of ............. During the 6-9pm party we'll give out awards for the year, MVP of the tournament and other Chiefy surprises. Also you will get to have a look at the new jerseys. If you ask me..they look great!!

After 9 o'clock there will be no more free beer. We'll finish up the pitures we have, and then the upstairs will be opened to all and you'll be on your own dime then. And if it's anything like the past parties, you're not going to need much more.
I hope all can come out and party! Just so you know, we're working hard on canceling the next two Sunday ice times. If you would like to play Sunday the 19th, please let me know.

See you Saturday. Come early, stay late !
Captain T-bone #3

Tommy Hawks are the Fall CHAMPS 06

Tommy Hawks beat the Sweaty Tacos, and took home (to the bar) the Chiefs Hawkey Cup.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Light weights weigh in !! Who will take on the Heavy weight??

At a popular watering hole in Seoul, Korea, the goalies went head to head for a final shot before hitting the ice this Sunday. Only 25 minutes and the possibility of a shoot out remain, to decide who will take on the only undefeated team in the tourney. The "NemSae" Tacos.
November 5th at 11am in Mokdong! Two will go home, and one will drink from the never seen before " ? ? Cup" Who will be known as the 2006 Fall Tourney Champions ?
WHO WILL IT BE!!??? YOUR TEAM?????? Be there, be there, BE THERE!!!
Let's get ready to rrrrrrrrrumble!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

November Ice times

We got our Wednesday ice time back! We must keep up our numbers like we have been in order to keep it, so come on out.

Nov 1st 9:30pm-11pm
5th 11:00am-1:00pm (This ice time is the last day for the tournament)
8th 9:30-11pm
12th8:30am-10:00am ( canceled due to the Chiefs party the night b4)
19th9:00am-11am ( No ice..sleep, we're in Daegu)
26th10:00am-12pm ( Inchon IceHoles game)

T-bone #3

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Double header proves to be difficult...

Game 1
Tommy Hawks 5 Sweaty Tacos 7

Game 2
TommyHawks 5 Mokdong Manglers 7

Sunday October 29th sees Sweaty Tacos vs the Manglers first, then Tacos, T-Hawks.

Biggest Sunday yet! It's all there!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tourney Standings


Team Name









The Sweaty Tacos









The Tomahawks









The Mok-Dong Manglers








Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The Chiefs had their first skate on this day, October 19th, 2003 at 7am Sunday morning. Most had a stick, skates, mandatory helmet, and no clue if we could get another ice time.

Now to date we've had
2 trips to Mongolia (donating over 10 full sets of used gear)
2 visits to the Kimchi Pot, Seoul.
4 intersquad tournaments
1 season in the Jim Paek Hockey League
many games with the Inchon, IceHole hockey club
Over 100 players from over eight countries
3 barbecue fundraisers
4 Jersey designs
oh, and just a "few" parties, beers, and good times


Monday, October 16, 2006

Mayhem in Mokdong! Manglers Massively Mangled !

<----- Manglers please read. Spirits were high on Sunday morning for the opening day of the Chiefs Fall Tourney. Spirits were also at high levels on the breaths of many as they laced up! The TommyHawks seemed calm as they got ready. The Manglers were trying to get fired up with a few tunes and trying not to give up hope on their #1 pick showing up. With the TommyHawks one man short and the Manglers 2 men short, the game got underway with the drop of the puck by veteran Chief, Jeremy Sands. It was a quick paced game and the T-Hawks came out on top quicky. With a three shot warm up, Rene and his team would quicky be down with little hope of making a comeback. Tommy, did not see many shots however most of the ones he did, he made some pretty good stops. The T-Hawks got the puck out of their zone quicky and the Manglers seemed to almost enjoy keeping it in theirs.. that being said the horn went and the TommyHawks were victorious, taking game one 11-3
Three Stars of the game
3 Steve'o
2 Tommy
1 Line 1.2.3 for the team in White

Game two of the Sunday double header saw The Manglers vs the Smelly Tacos. (I still don't understand that name) The Manglers were down in spirit however they came out quick in this game. They appeared warmed up and took a quick 4-0 lead. That lead would not last long. The stick of Aaron Geddes was fast, and working hard. He netted an amazing 6 goals.
This was a tough fought battle and was the best game yet in the tourney. Tom Daniel's one timer fed from Karl was a beauty! The Geddes, off the faceoff goal still haunts Rene, T-bone's broken stick (would have been in) and Jack's twisty turns were all great highlights. This game was also the most physical game so far. Let it be noted that CLAY took the first penalty. He's usually good for one, haha.
*just a note to all...the tourney does see an increase in speed. Keep your heads up.
When Sands finally called the game, it was the Manglers 7 and the Tacos 11. Guess the Manglers should have just went to 7-11 and drowned their losses.
I think most enjoyed the first day of play. Having the score clock was a really nice addition. For any who think two games is easy, it's not. But for any who think it's too much, it's not. It's still fun.
Three stars are:
3 Rene "the puck stopped here a few times" Boucher
2 Tom Daniel
1 Aaron geddes
See you all on Sunday. Good luck to all!
Oh, and we've taken Rene's pads to the lab to see if the stolen pucks are stuck in there somewhere.


Friday, October 13, 2006

TVU Player

This is just too good not to pass on. For all of us in Korea, it is extremely difficult to get access to any type of hockey. Well, do we have a present for you.

It's a P2P program that broadcasts real-time TV programs live over the Web. It has ESPN, ESPN2, Movie channels, Comedy Central and a bunch of other channels the most important of which is

NHL Centre Ice

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chiefs Pirate Radio

We are going to try to get access to the rink stereo system for the tourney. We aren
t sure if it will possible but well give it a try. So we are asking whoever is interested to submit a playlist of music they would like to hear during the games. Use the comments section to submit your playlists

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let the Games Begin

The Second Annual Vasquez Fall Tournament



With no more shinny ice times this week, The Vasquez Tourney is officially under way. The first game, scheduled for this Sunday at 9a.m., will pin the Mok-Dong Manglers against the Tomahawks. The Manglers will be sporting Blood Red as they will be the home team on Sunday. The Tomahawks will therefore be wearing Whites. Following that game the Manglers (again in Red) will face-off against the Sweaty Tacos (in White) at 1030a.m.

A few points to be noted, there have been a few changes in the game format.

1. Each game will consist of 2 thirty minutes periods (run-time) and one 5 minute overtime period. We wanted to have 3 twenty minute periods but the games would be too tight. The 2 periods will allow us 20 minutes for the Zamboni and the warm-up. So the game schedules will go as follows

Game 1

  • 9:00~9:20 Zamboni and warm-up
  • 9:20~9:50 1st Period
  • 9:50~9:53 1st Intermission
  • 9:53~10:23 2nd Period
  • 10:23~10:25 OT Intermission (if necessary)
  • 10:25~10:30 Overtime (if necessary)

Game 2

  • 10:30~10:50 Zamboni and warm-up
  • 10:50~11:20 1st Period
  • 11:20~11:23 1st Intermission
  • 11:23~11:53 2nd Period
  • 11:53~11:55 OT Intermission (if necessary)
  • 11:55~12:00 Overtime (if necessary)

2. There will be NO RED LINE which means that two line passes will be allowed.

3. All the other rules that apply to normal games will apply here.

4. We are asking that every team has a captain and two assistants because we dont want everyone talking/screaming at Jeremy. Its not official or anything but we want to give Jeremy the power to kick people out of the game if they abuse him verbally.

5. Fighting gets you kicked out of the tourney

6. Can't think of much else so....


A Tamer Sunday (short but sweet)

A Tamer Sunday.

Last skate was much tamer than the injury riddled shinny session of Sunday past. We had 5 on each bench and two goalies at each end. It was fairly typical with Aaron shooting and scoring, jack twisting and turning, me shouting idiotic sentences but wait what’s this? J for three? Big D for three? That's right! A couple of surprising hat tricks that caped off another high scoring ‘defense-less’ affair. Rene and Ryan both played well considering the lack of defense but I’m sure Ryan can’t wait for all our goalies to get back to the Lands of Morning Calm so he can get bact to whizzing pucks next to their heads.

All in all, it was nice to see that we are no longer hurting for numbers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Essence of Vasquez

Smell that? That! What is that?

There’s something lingering in the cold Mok-Dong air. It’s called Essence of the Vasquez; a twinge of hard-hitting with a speck of bone crushing pre-tournament sweat. Last Sunday was a fast paced, hard fought affair that may have some major repercussions on the Vasquez Tournament.

We had quite a few new faces join the Chiefs and many older Chiefheads making renewed appearances to shed that summertime rust and get geared up for the tourney. By the time I arrived we had over 20 players already suited up and ready to hit the ice. Only one problem, we only had one goalie. A quick glance around the room and quite a few head shakes later a consensus was found. Well actually it more like walked in the locker room: Ryan. A quick trip to the locker, a few smacks to dust off the pads and voila: a goalie we make- and what a goalie at that. Ryan had his best game as a Chief. He made sprawling save after glove save. He even had the ‘St. Patty Wink’ down packed. All to say, Ryan won the goalie comp and...the Elvis suit.

Outside the crease, we had 6 subs for the whites and 7 for the darks. All these able bodies made for some high paced hockey and brought up the intensity level to overblown proportions as we had more than a few collisions. The worst of which came in the last 20 minutes of play when Marc Roberts went one on one against Aaron Alinson. It was a hard hit heard through the rafters. Marc skated down the left wing and, as soon as he crossed the blue line, tried his patented "Roberts Shake and Cut". Having played against him more than twice and expecting the "Shake and Cut", Aaron reached for a poke check but ended up crashing right into Marc who had his head down. Marc took the brunt of that collision and is now doubtful for the tourney. The Chiefs doctors had a look at him and discovered what may be a cracked rib, his third. If the rib is actually cracked Marc will be out for at least the next 4 weeks which puts the Tommy-Hawks one Dman down. Darren also went down after feeling the effects of an Aaron Geddes shot to the thigh. He took a few shifts off but came back late in the game and should be ready for the tourney.

A recreation of the Marc/Aaron hit (Marc being in yellow and black)

3 Stars

1st Star - Ryan for taking one for the team and playing so well

2nd Star – The old faces

3rd Star – The new ones

Don't forget about our last Sunday shinny ice time before the tourney:

Sunday October 8th between 8am to 10am

Edit:The Chiefs are an open team with the operative word being OPEN.

Hockey Tip #29: Keep your head up when you're cutting in the middle

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is where you TRASH talk !!!

Fellow Tourney Players,
This is the location where you can post best wishes or best curses for the tournament. (please be smart about your comments...This site is like the morning paper to my mother...haha)

Captain Bone

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jersey Numbers

Here following are the jersey numbers we know. If you have a request please mention it in the comment section.
AND if you don't want a jersey DON'T REQUEST A NUMBER!!! People with jerseys have numbers. If you don't have a jersey, you can't tape a number on your generic practise jersey.
Numbers are given to people who are willing to pay for a TEAM jersey. This is Korea, when you're part of team you all have to wear the same uniform or else everything breaks apart.

#2 Mark Taylor
#3 Trevor
#4 Wayne
#5 Morris
#7 Ryan Cassavant
#8 Hawkins (Steve)
#9 Aaron A.
#10 Louis
#11 Marc
#12 Matt Bell
#13 Craig R.
#15 Aaron G.
#16 Fraze
#17 Gerry
#18 Jay Lee
#19 Steve-O
#20 Darren "the Famer"
#21 Charles Dumont
#22 Kyle Hawkins
#24 Corry Day
#26 Jeremy Sands
#29 Terry
#33 Tyler
#44 Tommy
#46 Rene
#55 Clay
#60 Gigory
#61 Lee
#64 Darren "the Big D"
#69 Lexi
#74 Claude
#77 Karl
#86 Tom Daniel
#91 Sparky
#99 Wayne 'the one who played a few years in the big leagues'

Something Ado about Money

Something Ado about Money

The teams are made, the sides have been chosen and the ice times have been booked. This tournament is well on its way but wait.all good times entail a certain degree of costs. In this case, the cost to green light this tourney is approximately 2 550 281 won. This includes three 3 hour ice times, 1 regular ice time, a scoreboard for all games, a tourney party, a referee and a trophy. At 42 players, we could technically cover our costs if everyone paid 65 000 won but if more than 2 out 42 players decide to not show up for the tourney (a strong possibility considering our past tourney no-shows) then we are now in the red. So, we are setting the tournament fee at 75 000 won. This will include a minimum of 4 games for every player and 5 for the best two teams, a party with food and drink and your name engraved on the tourney trophy (if you win.) If you break it down, the tourney's third place teams' personal costs would be 4 games for 60 bucks (at normal shinny price), food and drink for only 15. For the tourney first and second place finishers it would be 5 games for 75 bucks (at normal shinny price) and a free dinner. All in all, its a pretty good deal.

You must pay your entry fee BEFORE you step on the ice for your first game. Please don't make us run-around town trying to collect tourney money. If a player hasn't paid by game two he/she will be disqualified from the remainder of the tourney. Captains it is your responsibility to pick up the money for your team. We need 75 from everyone that is 1 050 000 won per team (75x14 players). Please note that if you play one game or you play 5, it is the same price. Of course, some exceptions can be made but none that swell of booze or broken alarm clocks. The profit for this tourney will either be put towards a bigger party, put back in the kitty or maybe go towards a team trip. Who knows? What is certain is that all profits made go towards sustaining your Chiefs and your ice times.

On a side note: Captains, your duties will also demand that you make a roster list for every game. This list should include the names and numbers of each player (real names and numbers on the jersey.) A copy should be given to the ref (who will then pass it on to the scoreboard dude so they can keep game stats). Every player should wear a Chiefs red (home) or white (away) jersey during the tourney. If you dont have one, we will provide a stinky one for you. Nobody should wear practice jerseys.

A Great day for a BAR-beque !

Saturday September 23rd marked the third bbq "Fun'd" raiser for the Chiefs, and I must say that it went very well for those in attendance, and the Chief's kitty.
The gates were opened early, as Terry entered at 1:39pm. He was so conserned on getting his team just right, he wanted to make a full surveillance of the drafting area before his opposing captains. Big D would soon follow, as would Louis, Rene and then the gates were wide open with a sea of Chiefs. And these Chiefs were thirsty and hungry!
"Spark's Bar" would sell over 200 drinks and made a whopping 60 grand in tips. I was on the grill, as long as I could take the heat on my hands. (man those burgers make some flame!) We sold a lot of burgers, dogs and souvlaki. Putting out the garbage and recyclable the next day, took a few trips for Spark and I.
The auction went on a little later than planned, but it did go very, very well. We did not have the great photos or certificates that Killer put together in bbq's of past, however with the help of donations we managed to raise a good sum of won.
I am pleased to say that the Chief's kitty is sitting well over a grand in the black. We paid 451 000 September 24th to bring us up to date for all ice times and locker fees, and we are currently sitting at approximately one point five million won. That's what I call a sucsessful barbecue!
We would not be looking at those figures if we did not have A LOT of help from fellow Chiefs and Chief's friends. I would like to say a big thanks to all who showed up , and especially those who picked up items for us and for all those who donated time or items. Clay, Isaiah, Paul Novak, Angelo, Terry, Aaron Allinson, Tommy, Rene, and if I forgot someone...thanks a bunch.
Our place is back to normal now, and all went very well.
thank you

Tbone # 3 watch out for the MOKDONG MANGLERS!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

October Ice Times

Here following are your October Shinny Ice Times

Sunday, October 1st - 12pm to 2pm
Sunday, October 8th - 8am to 10am
Tuesday, October 17th - 930pm to 11pm
Tuesday, October 24th - 930pm to 11pm

Here following are you Tourney Ice Times

Sunday, October 15th - 9am to 12 pm
Sunday, October 22nd - 9am to 12pm
Sunday, October 29th - 9am to 12pm

The RMT CHIEFS present...

The 2006 Rocky Mountain Chiefs
and your new captain


The Second Annual Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Fall Classic

Starring (in Alphabetical Order)

Your Team Captains: Rene, Terry and Tommy

Team A a.k.a. "The Manglers"

1. Bill (F) DTD
2. Clay (D)
3. Grigory (F) DL
4. Jack (F)
5. Jack's Friend (DF) the ex-uni player
6. Jay Lee (F)
7. John Morris (F)
8. Lexi (F)
9. Paul 'the Tall' (D)
10. Rene (G)
11. Steve-O (F)
12.Steven Hawkins (D)
13.TBone (FD)
14.Trevor Rowe (F)

Team B a.k.a. "The Tomahawks"

1. Aaron A. (F) DTD
2. Craig R. (D)
3. DJ Sherman (F)
4. Faze (D)
5. Jack's Friend #1 (F) uni player
6. Jack's Friend #2 (F) uni player
7. Kim (D) from the lands of Sweden
8. Louis (F) DL
9. Marc Roberts (D) DL
10. Mark Taylor (D)
11. Matt Bell (F)
12. Ryan Cassavant (F)
13. Tommy (G)
14. Wayne (D)

Team C a.k.a. "The Sweaty Tacos"

1. Aaron Geddes (F)
2. Correy Day (F)
3. Corry "The Scrawny" (F)
4. Cole (F?D)
5. Daniel S. (F?D)
6. Darren "The Big D" (F)
7. Darren "The Farmer" (F)
8. Isaiah (F)
9. Gerry (D)
10. Hee-Joon (D)
11. Karl (F)
12. Mark "The Spark" (F)
13. Tom Daniel (F)
14. Terry (G)

Your Referee for this tourney will be none other than

number 26, le numero 26
Jeremy Sands

The Hockey Insider has found that, on paper, The Tomahawks hold a slight advantage and are considered favorites to win this tourney. A scoreboard and one person to run it have been booked. The Times and Schedule for this tourney are as follows

Sunday, October 15th
Game One - 9am to 1030am
The Manglers vs The Tomahawks
Game Two - 1030am to 1200pm
The Mangler vs The Sweaty Tacos

Sunday, October 22nd.
Game Three - 9am to 1030 am
The Tomahawks vs. The Sweaty Tacos
Game Four - 1030am to 12pm
The Tomahawks vs The Manglers

Sunday, October 29th.
Game Five - 9am to 1030 am
The Sweaty Tacos vs The Manglers
Game Six - 1030am to 12pm
The Sweaty Tacos vs The Tomahawks

Sunday, November 5th. TBA
The Fransisco de Coronado Fall Classic Finals
Team 1 vs Team 2

To whom it may concern,

The administration would like to extend our deepest apologies to all players who did not make it on the teams. For some, we ran out of room and for others, we repeatedly asked you to contact us so we could hold a proper draft and when we didn't hear anything we dropped some players and picked up others who were on the sub-list. We are sorry for this inconvenience and please note that we will have 4 shinny ice times in October and you are more than welcome to show-up for those anytime you desire. We'll be holding another tourney in the Spring - hopefully we'll see you in that one. Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Location of the BBQ

we would like to start the chiefs' fantasy hockey draft at 3pm. be there!!

Come out of exit 1, Walk straight and stop at the first set of lights. At those lights you'll see a Hassbrant coffee, sandwich shop. Turn right up that small road and walk up the hill, pass the parking lot vering left to my house. There is a large grey gate you will enter, and come to the back of the house. Any problems call 017-717-3865 (click this image for larger view)

The Fall Tourney is now FULL


The tourney is now FULL!!!!

42 players have registered for the tournament starting October 15th. There is still a significant possibility that one, two or more players will bail before the Saturday draft time so if you arent on the list sign up anyways because there is a good chance a roster spot will open come Saturday. This said, once the draft has started there will be NO NEW players accepted in the tourney. Once this thing is running it will go to the end.

The draft order has yet to be decided. I believe we will have small a useless-skill competition to determine the draft order. The draft will be held at the BBQ. Renes Team is the MOKDONG MANGLERS. Tommys Team is yet to be named (Team B. ) Terrys team, also yet to be named, is Team C. The schedule is posted in a previous post on this blog but the time slots are still unknown.

Dear Captains:

The Chiefs Hockey Insider would like to present to you The Chiefs TOP*GUNS

1. 'Shifty Feet' Jack (F) He can set up anyone from anywhere and if he ever decides to shoot he usually finds a hole. He has the best vision of any Chief. His biggest knock is he always looks to pass at the expense of shooting.

2. Corry 'Devil Head' Day (F) He is highly skilled and can do pretty much anything out there in Chiefs hockey. The only knock on him is he seems to need someone with skills on his line.

3. Aaron 'Animal' Geddes (F) Has a very good shot when he hits the net. He tries to pick corners, which causes him to miss the net far too many times. But hes the only one who could probably snap it from the blue line and score. Since Tyler isnt in this pool, hes your best sniper.

4. Hee 'Hai' Joon (D) Hes the toughest D we have. He has a bundle of energy and never lets up. He also has a nice low shot but he never shoots. The only knock on him is he doesnt understand the Western Game.

Group II GUNS is enormous and counts just about most chiefs. If you are interested it will cost you a beer at the BBQ. You can't go wrong with most players in this group.

Group III GUNS is where the draft will be won. Here is where lies the difference maker.

Group IV GUNS. This group is very deceiving. You really need to know everyone inside and out in order to com out on top here. Some are much better than others and even more have made major improvements in the past year.

Hmmm...bring it on people!!! Playing for keeps here!!!

The tournament will of course be won with the core and whoever picks the best core will win this tourney. The bookies are favoring Tommy to come out on top in this one but its a close battle. Goalies you are the KEY to your teams success. If you suck as drafters or, more importantly, if you arent ready between the pipes you are going to HEAR IT!! You guys best be bringing your best game out there because, on paper, this is the highest level tourney weve hadthe latter statement is in direct correlation with who everyone on the unknown list is and if Hee-Joon and Jakes friends are fellow ex-uni. players.

Up for grabs:

1. The yet to be named Cup - Every single winner will be given an entire 15 minutes of personal time with the cup to do whatever pleases him/her.

2. The Tournament MVP

3. The Highest Points Getter

4. The Best Goalie - This is huge because the best goalie will probably win this tournament.

::::::::::::::::::NEXT ORDER OF BUSINESS:::::::::::::::::::::

Next up, we need information on a few players in order to have a proper draft.

Matt Bell , according to puck bunny #6, can do everything on there. played Junior C. He's a group II free Agent
Daniel S. says" I can do those things OK and I have played organized hockey a bit."
Jacks Friends rumor was wrong his three friends will probably be Group I free agents.
HeeJoons F#1 OUT
HeeJoons F#2 OUT
Kims Friend OUT

We need you to answer a few questions. We want to make sure our teams are as even as possible (of course, with an edge going to my teamGo everyone on my Team!!) so we need to know how good you are. If you could answer the following questions it would make the tournament a lot more fun for everyone.

Can you skate?
Can you skate backwards?
Can you turn both sides?

Can you lift the puck?
Can you snap it? Wrist it? Slap it?

Have you ever played organized hockey before?
If so, how long and at what level?
If not, have you played pond hockey?

:::::::::::::The Tournament Sub List:::::::::::

1. Clay 99% chance youll be playing

2. Aarons buddy A generous 70% chance youll be playing

:::::::::::::: NEWS FLASH ::::::::::::::::

A Few Substitutions

1. Clay is in - Kim's friend is out

2. HeeJoon is in but HeeJoon's friends are out because we can't get confirmation on their attendance

3. Jack is in and he is bringing 2 University players and 1 Ex-university player with him (who used to be teamates with Jack)

4. Aaron's friend is next in line to get in. If the following players do not contact us he will probably have a spot in the touney


Draft Info

We NEED Park Jang Yeon, Wayne and DJ Sherman to contact us BEFORE SATURDAY DRAFT time. You can contact us at our gmail account or by phone at (011)9266-5213 or (017)7717-3865 We need to know your playing level in order to hold a proper draft and therefore a proper tourney. It is IMPERATIVE that you contact us asap. There was a mix-up in the emails and we don't know how to contact you. Unfortunately, you will be the one holding the short end of the please contact us ASAP

We have people waiting and more people contacting us everyday about the tourney. If you can't play in all the game sthen say it now!!!