Monday, September 29, 2008


Our ice times have not been given to us yet, but I think it's safe to assume that this Wednesday the 1st is no problem from 9 to 11pm. The following Sunday there is NO ice time. So the next should be the 8th.
This is a busy week for the Chiefs. Hosting their first international tournament! It's a mini tournament, but tournament non the less! The puck drops early at 8am on Friday morning however the Chiefs have always been used to early ice.The next and final day games go from 12pm to 4pm. Geckos,Incheon and Tokyo will join us and lets hope everything runs smoothly and we all can have a blast. If you are around and wish to have a look at the action feel free to drop by. We could use some support.
Day 1- October 3rd 8am-2pm ice time

8:05am-8:55 Incheon vs Chiefs
9am-9:50 Geckos vs Tokyo
9:50-10am Zamboni
10:05am-10:55 Tokyo vs Chiefs
11am-11:50 Geckos vs Incheon
11:50-12pm Zamboni
12:05pm-12:55 Incheon vs Tokyo
1pm-1:50 Geckos vs Chiefs

Day 2 October 4th 12pm-4pm ice time

12:10pm-12:55 Round Robin 1st vs RR2nd
1:05pm-1:55 RR 3rd vs RR 4th
1:55pm-2:05 Zamboni
2:10pm-2:55 Semi Final game
3pm-3:50 Final game