Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Wednesday Night Wong Show !

This past Wednesday, July 19th 2006, skaters came into Mokdong's "Never Stop Arena" in full force. Once again a few new faces which is always good to see. One face new to many, but familiar to me, was old time Chief Louis. He's back from England and what do you know, he can now skate, and speak English!
In between the pipes for the whites was "Tommy, I got four goals last week, Aaron" and for the darks, for his first time in 5 years, was Cole. Both played very well and I hope to see that combo out a lot !
All that said, I think the night belonged to Lee Wong. That dude had skillzzz last night ! Not sure how many he sneaked in past Cole, but the one back hander was very notable. Time of the goal, 4:20. The Wong Show in da house ! Man that guys' skates are loud. In an interview after the game Wong was quoted saying " "I still can't believe it. It honestly feels like a dream to me."
The pace remained fast to the dying minutes of this one and was one of the best skates we've had in a few weeks. It also marked June's first goal ever! Nice work man, feels good doesn't it!
Hope you all continue to come out and play hard. I'm off to Japan and the Philippines for two weeks. Have a good one !

The Stars on Ice were: Cole, Tommy, Lee, June and You.

Hockey Sunday @ 8am
Tbone #3

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Messy Weekend

As a contributor to this site, not by choice, I have been forced to write something or I may self-combust according to Seabass so here we go. This past weekend was highlighted not by Zeus' wrath but by the 9th annual Boryeong Mud Festival which Zeus, maybe out of fear from all the intoxicated waeguks or Mr. T, stayed away from. We arrived to our Hiltonesque lodging which looked more like a closet. Keep in mind that we have two members from the Globetrotters with us at a combined length of about 15 feet. Happy sleeping. As the mud trucks rolled in on Saturday we were blessed with a bit of sun which may have played a part in yours truly suffering a bit of stomach illness (couldn't have been the beer from the night before or eating at the Lotteria AKA Dirtyria moments before my first OB). Anyways, that passed and we all hit the waves where a white whale was spotted swimming behind Lee. And I should mention that I still don't know what Bill was talking about all afternoon. "Spark, you're a good fella......burp......I like girls.....go to hell Lee.....mmmmmm, muddy girls............f**k you're gone for eight hours, no wonder someone drank your beer, what the f**k did you expect????....I'm going home............burp."
Night fell upon us which included some matshisa daechigalbi which included soju which resulted in roman candles. Lee won an accuracy contest as he managed to hit two girls in the head (one being his girlfriend, Kimbab) on consecutive shots without even looking. Don't worry, they're both OK, I think. The rest of the evening consisted of beers, soju, shooting off, beers, throwing tubes, "Boy, I am the liquor", soju, shooting off, beers...........well you get the picture.
Zeus wasn't as generous on Sunday as he unleashed his fury for most of the day but by the evening, he backed off. He knows better. That evening consisted of pretty much the same as the night before, many wobbly pops and lots of stupidness. I was in the middle of my best Becks impression when from behind I got tackled or should I say killed from MFB (that's mof**kinbill) for you non Xavierians. Let's just say I can't go between the pipes tonight. Ouchie.
Well I already booked my hotel for next year and I highly recommend it to all if you like beer, two-pieces, and the beach. Next stop................BORACAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

What is your favorite NHL team?

Well, the results are in and it looks like the HABS are the most popular NHL team in the Chiefs locker; followed by the NUCKS and then the WINGS. Surprisingly few people voted for the Leafs.

Final results were

1. Montreal with 12 votes
2. Vancouver with 3 votes
3. Detroit with 2 votes
4. Colorado, Toronto, NY Rangers, NY Islanders Philadelphia, San Jose and Minnesota received one vote. One vote? and just to make all Leaf fans smile:

Raindrops Falling on my Head

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

We were hoping that a twelve o’clock show-up time would bring out the tribe in full force. Unfortunately, afternoon hockey simply couldn’t compete with the wrath of Zeus and the temptations of a dirty, dirty Festival of Mud.

The torrential rains were relentless and flooded most riverbanks within Seoul which closed the Olympic Expressway and some subway stations. A few brave souls attempted the trip across Seoul but quickly found that most passages were closed. Sands and Corey were both well on their way when they noticed cars pulling u-turns on the highway and heading back to whence they came. Aaron and Ryan both found similar faiths on their journeys to the rink. Steve, on the other hand, didn’t even bother stepping outside for fear of melting which gives him a grand total of zero appearances since the tourney; the same amount of appearances as Jason Webber, the Toque and every other Chief alumnus combined (that is, 0.00000 appearances). Mark, Lee and a few other Chiefs & Chiefettes spent the weekend getting dirty – hopefully someone will write us up a little blog on their weekends’ highlights. As for Big ‘D’ he spent his Sunday at Everland. Everland? Could you have picked a worse day to hit the rides?

Well, enough of all this and let’s get to the action. We played a game of four on four with two subs on each team. J’s son, Jin, held a goaltending clinic at one end and Terry ‘the Glove’ held the fort at the other. It was an exciting game filled with numerous highlights. Unfortunately for the dark team, the highlights were very one-sided. They smelt of white, tasted of white and, you guessed it, came only from the white team. Terry did his best to keep as many pucks from getting through but when the dark team decided to adapt the ‘our goalie is playing defense’ strategy then there wasn’t much he could do. Three on 0?...defense’s job. Back checking? I think it means check the other team’s backs to make sure their numbers haven’t peeled off.

A few high school kids joined the club on Sunday. They were pretty good and let anyone older than them gracefully skate around them. Thanks for not trying too hard boyz. Stephen ‘Tiger’ Hawkins enjoyed his most productive Chiefs game to date. He scored 4 goals in a row then developed a bit of a mean streak when he crushed one of the high school kids against the boards. He followed that with a trip and an innocent look. All in all it was a great game. We played downstairs which kept the temperature cool and the fog to a minimum.

Wednesday hockey is at 9:30pm. Anyone and everyone is welcome to show. Keep you sticks down and your heads up.

1st Star: Stephen ‘Tiger Eye’ Hawkins.

2nd Star: J’s son for not falling over while catching Zs in between Dark team pushes.

3rd Star: Zeus for having the capability to flood and close an entire Expressway.

p.s. Chiefs would like to raise a toast to our newest member, Alex, who braved the rains and showed up for his first skate in years.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Team 7-Eleven

This Sunday Team 7-Eleven will be making it's first appearance of the summer. To join you'll need a hat or some shades, one hand connected to one arm (hopefully the shoulder works or it's just hell on the back) and a working digestive system. The sun has promised to cooperate with this excursion but, if it decides to pull a no-show, have no fear...Team 7-Eleven does have a plan B, which involves something very similar to plan A but with the addition of a trike and a green monster rushing through some type of obstacle course.

Day: Sunday, July 16th (Monday is off - Constitution Day)
Time: Shortly after hockey (Hockey is at 12pm on Sunday)
Place: Well, 7-Eleven (maybe we should ask for sponsorship?)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Wet Wednesday

Another Wednesday Mokdong basement battle took place lastnight. At the usual 9:30pm ice time start, it was looking like we were going to have one goalie and about 6 skaters. Ouch..but with a bit of time players rolled in, umbrellas and sticks in hand.
This Wednesday marked the return of "Tommy apple eyes" aka "the leprechaun" in between the posts. And staring him in the face at the other end was "Spark, Andre Flurry." Also notables were two new faces and promising talents, Dustin and Big D's buddy. A big Chiefs welcome to them. They haven't skated in years but it's not hard to see they'll get it back.
Darks opened up the scoring first when Kyung fed ... yours truly, with a beauty pass through traffic which would be "rifled" past Spark Andre, and start a flurry of momentum for the darks. Tommy would end up shutting out the whites for about 45 mins and then the tenders switched ends.
A few good highlights in this basement battle. Billit and line mate Rowe, would press hard for a few goals, but none as pretty as the top shelved tip by PEI's own "Big D." Farmer Daren also brought out his moves and is still the master at the blue line poke check. That poke check kept Purple Jersey Adam, scoreless I do believe!
Finally the highlight of the night. After careful review, Chuck Norris's disputed* top shelved goal on Tommy is said to be..... A goal! It did indeed go through the two foot hole in the back meshing. Good on ya Jonny Norris!
* all disputed plays in Chiefs shinny are sent "upstairs" to the rink adjashe. He is asked a series of questions about what it's like to live in a rink. Players with the dispute,then compare their answers with his, nd whoever has the most right, wins the dispute.
In case you wondered what won it for Jonny Norris.. The question "Do you need a fridge?" was the tie breaker. The answer was,No, I just need shelves.
See you Sunday??
Tbone #3

Monday, July 10, 2006

Chiefs' Pics and Bits of Flics

We just added a link to a photo album on Flickr. If you have any pics you'd like to add pass them on to You can also post a comment under each picture if you so choose.

Chiefs Trivia #393: What NHL team holds the record for most wins in one season?

Chiefs Trivia #340: What NHL team holds the record for most points in one season?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Foggy Day of Play at Mok-Dong Ice Rink (9-7-06)

A Foggy Day of Play at Mok-Dong Ice Rink.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

It could be called the game of perpetual sweat, the game of 11 (6 for the Red Tribe and 5 for the White Tribe) or even the game of Lexi’s first attempt at a hat-trick. In truth it could be called many things but one thing it can’t be called is overcrowded. Ice time was plentiful, as was the humidity which produced a thick layer of fog. So began the search for the ‘Fan King’; that powerful ‘Ajoshi’ who has the ability to flick that impossible to find start-up switch for the three ‘enormous’ fans located at each end of the rink. Once settled, the puck dropped and the game began. Six warriors chose the Dark side while five were relegated to the Whites. Ice time was plentiful but the oxygen tanks had gone missing; something about a few alumni Chiefs taking some souvenirs from their times in Korea.

Allon ‘top corner’ Geddes was his usual self. It would be safe to say that he scored close to 70% of all goals for both teams. A highlight of the morning skate was Lexi’s attempt at her first ever hat-trick. Leisurely skating around centre ice, conserving energy or just being lazy (a question still in debate), Lexi pounced on a nice pass and flew in on a breakaway. She faked left, pulled it back right and then slipped it five-hole on an unsuspecting goalie who will remain nameless (Rene). A few minutes later, she smacked in a rebound on Chris; a tad less dramatic, nonetheless effective. Around the end of our extremely long ice time, Lexi had the chance of a lifetime. The kind that, if failed on, has had players cut from Pee-Wee house league teams. An open net rebound. A flick, a nudge, maybe even a strong wind would get that puck over the red goal line. One whack, two, three whacks…nothing. Rene would have none of it as he made his best Hasek impression by twisting, flipping and contorting himself all over the crease. Not sure if he saw anything but whatever works.

A few words are also owed to the great defensive play of one of our new-found players, Little June ‘Peca’ who made sprawling effort after sprawling effort to stop any white jersey that tried to get by him. Geddes and Stephen Hawkins both fell to the sprawl trap on a number of occasions.

The locker was paid up today so if you haven’t paid – some of you still owe for quite a few months now- please show up and pay your dues. Talking of showing up, it would also be great if you guys who enjoy playing hockey start coming out more often. It’s Summer time and, if past years are any indication, our numbers should be dwindling soon. We don’t have enough money to make it through too many of these 5 on 4 ice times. The reality is if people don’t show we’ll have to close shop once a week which means that we may never get that ice time again. We’re not there yet but we’re not far off. Nobody should be or willing to be put in a position of single-handily keeping the Chiefs alive (as Hawk did in the past). Therefore the Chiefs are going to need another fund-raiser soon. If you have any ideas post them up.

A bit of news, it looks like a past alumnus is planning on coming back within the next few months, Marc Roberts. You can leave but you’ll never forget!

On another note, thank goodness for jocks, eh Allon?

Hockey Tip #22: If you line up on the left side during the face-off it means you’re playing left wing. If you’re playing left wing it means you’re on the left side. If you’re on the left side it means you’re not on the right side.

p.s. Replace right with left and left with right and you got yourself Hockey Tip #23.

Friday, July 07, 2006

2006 Kimchi Pot

The Kimchi Pot is a three day, annual hockey tournament that has been going on for the past four years. There are teams and players from all over Asia including Mongolia,China,Japan and Singapore.
The Rmt Chiefs were able to pull together two squads for the cup this year. Whites and Reds. The reds playing four games winning one and the Whites playing 5 games winning 3, coming in 3rd overall for the tournament.
It was my second Kimchi Pot and I had even more fun this year than last. I didn't think that could have been possible. Higlights included: Lexi's five hole goal on Rene, the tic tac toe passing of the White team, and the nine penalties in four games for the Reds. Ouch!
Looking forward to next year, which should be taking place July 5th, 2007.
Tbone #3

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