Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fa ra ra ra ra ! !

Seasons greetings,

Like every December many seek to exit the peninsula, whether it is to a hotter sun or to family back home. For those who can't get a chance to get away, there will be some good skates for you to come out and enjoy. We have Wednesday and Sunday ice, with our monthly Inchon IceHoles game on the 31st at 10 am. Let's leave the 2006 year with a win! It was a great close game last time and should be another good one. We should know this week if there is a Christmas day ice time.
This is one of the fun pics Angelo took last Sunday. The team pic will be available soon. We're just photoshopping it up to get rid of hangovers. Happy holiday's to all !

Eat, Drink and be Merry

T-bone #3


Anonymous said...

Love to play in Incheon game on 31st if possible

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me!
Rene "Play me anywhere" Boucher.

SeaBass said...

i think we'll have lots of room for this game

Big D said...

It'll require a lot of photoshopping to get rid of the hangovers that were present for regular Sunday chiefs hockey. Maybe they could change Rene's hair colour to stop making him look like an old man.. that can be his x-mas present to his wife!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up anywhere I am needed.

Anonymous said...

hehe, Tommy did the above image.

Anonymous said...

My hair colour is fine, I'll let you know, it's the gut I have that I'd like to change, but I'm too lazy...
I'm looking forward to hockey this Sunday. By the way, does anyone know when the Mongolia tourney is on??? I have to start planning!
Rene "When are we going?" Boucher.