Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chiefs vs Geckos game at 9pm in Anyang

Final score 17 - 15 for the CHIEFS!!!!!
For those people that bailed, if you sign up come out or don't sign up!
It's hard enough to set games up and frustrating when people don't show up!
Off Ends
          Left                   Center           Right
Ryan Cassavant(assisted and defended)    Chris Cassidy(Scored a few)     Jason Hunt(Assisted and scored)
Jason Kim bailed   Aaron Allison(Scored a few)     Walt Park bailed
You In Harry(Thx)(Scored against us WTF!?!)      You Shud           Thou Plae
Dee Fends
          Left                                           Right
Jason Tamblyn(Terrorized the ice with his full frontals)       Micheal McCarthy bailed
Aaron Geddies(Terrorized Geckos)        Tommy Aaron(Terrorized Chiefs)
Pete Goalie(Saved our ass!)

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