Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The big weekend is coming up quick and it should be a good one! We have 6 confirmed teams which is actually perfect for the tournament. We will have 2 refs (1 Korean and 1 Foreign) for each game with a scorekeeper operating the scoreboard. Water and pucks will be supplied at each game. We are still waiting for approval to have a BBQ outside the rink where food and booze will be offered at a cost. ONCE AGAIN....NO SMOKING OR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION INSIDE THE BUILIDING! Please help to make this tournament work well by following these two simple rules. 


The banquet will be held at Beer O'clock (Sinchon Station – Line 2 near Hongdae) starting at 5pm. The bar itself will be open at 1pm for those that want to get going early.

Division 1
Division 2
Mallies HC

Friday September 30th
11pm -12am       Geckos vs. Mallies HC
12am – 1am        Wolves vs. Huskies
1am – 2am          Chiefs vs. Greyhounds

Saturday October 1st
2pm – 3pm         Huskies vs. Chiefs
3pm – 4pm         Geckos vs. Greyhounds
6pm – 7pm         Mallies HC vs. Wolves
7pm – 8pm         Huskies vs. Geckos
8pm – 9pm         Greyhounds vs. Mallies HC
9pm – 10pm       Chiefs vs. Wolves
10pm – 11pm     Q1 – 2nd Division 1 vs. 3rd Division 2
11pm – 12am     Q2 – 2nd Division 2 vs. 3rd Division 1

Sunday October 2nd
9am – 10am        S1 – 1st Division 1 vs. Winner Q2
10am – 11am     S2 – 1st Division 2 vs. Winner Q1
11am – 12pm     FINAL - WINNER S1 vs. WINNER S2

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