Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Sizzler Inter-Tri-Team Tourney 2007

Okay, here is our list of players as of .....right now!

Summer Sizzler Hockey Tournament – Draft Sheet

Geckos Glaciers
Chris Diciccio (Forward, Tier 2, will miss 1 or 2 games in July)
Derek Elliot (Forward, Tier 2, here for entire summer)
Clark Webster (Forward, Tier 2)
Ji Hyun (Goalie)
Korean Univ Kid (Forward, Tier 1, maybe)
Dave Kavanaugh (Defense, Tier 2, 1st 2 games only)
Charles Fullerton (Forward, Tier 2, back after 18 JUL)
Bill Hoven (Defense, Tier 2)
Ken Braithwaite (Forward/Def, Tier 2)
Paul Grimmer (Forward, Tier 2)
Pete Polombo (Goalie, 1st 2-3 games only)
Charlie Lee (Forward, Tier 2)

RMT Chiefs (15-20 Skaters)
1.Trevor MacDonald ( F, Tier 2,Gone for August)
2.Aaron Geddes (F,Tier1,gone Aug 4-23rd)
3.Steve Hawkins (D,Tier2,gone July 8th & Aug
4.Ben Lederer (D,Tier3,miss 1-2 games a month)
5.Matt Bell (F,Tier1,GoneJuly 14-17. and gone after Aug23rd)
6.Paul Alexander (F,Tier3)
7.Isaiah Ubando (F,Tier3)
8.MarcRoberts (D,Tier2)
9. Matt Trower (F,Tier2)
10.John Morris (F/D,Tier3)
11.Ben Bomer (F,Tier 3, July29-Aug5)
12.Claude Brisebois (Goalie, maybe end 2 wks Aug)
13. Bret Wilkerson (F,Tier 3)
14. John "Norris" (F,Tier 2)
15. Jay Waddell (F,Tier2, July30-Aug5)
16. Dave Segalla (F,Tier2, Aug21-30)
17. Ryan Weaver (D,Tier2)
18 Lexi (F,Tier2)
19 Tommy Aaron (F,D,G,Tier2)
20 Damien (F,Tier2)
21 Karl Dancause (F,Tier2,miss 2 weeks)
22 Corey N (F,Tier2)
23 Corry Day (F,Tier1)
24 HeeJoon (D,Tier2.)
25. Jeff Stern (F,Tier2)

Inchon Iceholes (5-10 Skaters)


Anonymous said...

I'll play, and I'll be here all summer. I guess I'm tier 2.

jonny, chiefs #52 CHUCK NORRIS

Anonymous said...

I'll play....Jay Waddell (F, Tier 2 gone for 5 days July 30- August 5)

Anonymous said...

I'll play. Chiefs roster, Tier 2. Will miss 21-30 Aug.

Dave Segalla

Anonymous said...

(D,tier 2, available weekends and after 9pm M/F, after 10pm T/W/Th-all summer)
Ryan Weaver

Anonymous said...

I am available only between 7:30 and 7:45 on prime numbered days when the average rainfall on the Mekong Delta exceeds 3.75 inches, but only if the moon is waxing. Otherwise, I am in!!!!!

Corey said...

I will be here all summer. (Tier 17, Forward)

Lexi said...

I should be on that list. I sent Clay an email directly.

Lexi Orgera (F, Tier 2, entire summer)

Anonymous said...

Put me in coach! I can play any position at any time. Tier two is about right for me, I think.

Tommy Aaron (F/D/G, Tier 2)

damien said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
damien said...

im available weekends, f, here all summer, tier 2

Aaron G said...

You forgot to put Corey down.

Also, HeeJoon said he would like to play.

Anonymous said... is playing for gecko's now, eh? hmmmm...

Aaron G said...

After talking with some people, it is clear that people rating their own levels hasn't worked. I know this tournament is just for fun, but some more realistic rating would probably be more appreciated by people from other teams who don't know who we are.