Friday, August 17, 2007

This SUNDAY morning

Ok Boyz and Galz,

I'm being told that we won't have enough players to finish up our tourney this Sunday morning so we're going to open up the ice time for anyone who feels like showing up.

SHOW UP!!!!!!!
8am to 10am in mok-dong.


mjamesb said...

Hey everyone
this is my last weekend and i would of loved to play in final but my team just didnt cut it. So my last game was last sunday which we sort of won but forfieted. anyway, Thanks for a great year of Hockey i had a ton of fun, you are a great bunch of guys. i hope to be back for the singapore tourney or at least meet you there to play. see you in the new year.

matt bell

Anonymous said...

see you when you get back

Anonymous said...

Isn't Matt Bell gay?

Big D said...

good playing with ya matt, good luck in your travels..