Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April ICE TIMES.. and we aint fool'in !!

Hey Chiefs,

Here are your ice times for April. Enjoy, they're great!! Be there!!

Wednesday 4th 10:00-11:30pm
Sunday 8th waiting to see if we play
Wednesday 11th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 15th 9-11am
Wednesday 18th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 22nd 10:00-12pm (changed to 10am from 1030am)
Wednesday 25th 9:30-11pm
Sunday 29th 10-12pm

We also have the Ilsan game Friday, April 6th.
and we need to invite the Leafs back for one of our Sunday ice times this month.


Aaron G said...

I am in if we have a game on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

same here

Big D said...

I'd like to invite Daejeon to come up on one of those Sunday's that cool with you T-bone maybe the 22nd or 29th?

Btw Geddes you broke a bone in that guys foot with that slapshot :) no hard feelings at all though.. he did stand in front of it.. and Donnie "Ball Buster" the goalies nuts are doing ok..

Aaron G said...

That sucks, but what can you do? I hit Lexi almost as hard.

SeaBass said...

hey people out there...if you're going to sign in as anonymous you should let us know who you are...especially when you say something like "i'm in for a game"

Anonymous said...

I am down for the game.

Anonymous said...

Me too, I want to play in every game.

Big D said...

waiting to hear back from Daejeon on those dates.. will post it up soon.. i also havce to do a recap of teh Daejeon game so stay tuned to the blog if you wanna sign up for the game..