Friday, January 12, 2007


Test your Hockey Knowledge:
The Offside Quiz

A case of knowing your hockey rules. Test your hockey knowledge and try not to look it up before you answer...

True or False?

According to the IIHF rulebook, the attacking team is offside when

(a) the player has one skate in the zone and one skate on the blue line.

(b) the puck carrier skates into the attacking zone backwards.

(c) the attacking player has both skates in the attacking zone and receives a pass from a teammate that first deflects off a defender.

(d) an attacking player has both skates completely in the attacking zone over the blue line, while an opposing player has possession of the puck in the neutral zone and shoots or passes or carries the puck back into his defending zone while an attacking player is still in the zone.


SeaBass said...

just type in your answers

a) true/false
b) true/false
c) true/false
d) true/false

true = offside
false = not offside

Big "D" said...

a. false
b. false
c. false
d. true

Anonymous said...

nope that be wrong big d.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A) false
B) false
C) True
D) False

Rene "Not much of a ref" Boucher.

Anonymous said...

none of them are offside
all false,
but with b the attacking player must have complete control and with c most refs would call it offside cause they dont know any better

matt bell

SeaBass said...

hint: there is one offside and three onside calls here...

Big D said...

I don't think I've ever seen anyone skate into the attacking zone backwards..

Anonymous said...

a) false
a1) true - If the player is "touching up", then he must completely vacate the offensive zone and cannot even be touching the blue line.
b) false
b2) true - A player may skate into the zone backward only if the demonstrates "complete" control of the puck while doing so.
c) true
d) false


Anonymous said...

The Chiefs used to have a player called "offsides" He was offside no matter how he went into the blue line...hahaha

SeaBass said...

and where was offsides from?

Big "D" said...

Ontario?? I'm trying to think of who it is..

SeaBass said...

he was from Alaska...sorta..

SeaBass said...

and the answer to the offside quiz are

a) onside
b) onside
c) offside
d) onside

Winner: Rene "Offside King" Boucher

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! I finally won something!!! I couldn't call it if I was on the ice, but I know da rulz... All I need now is 15 years of minor hockey officiating, and NHL, here I come, baby!
Rene "No dream is unattainable" Boucher.