Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chiefs Inter-squad tourney!

Roster is Full!
Bring 45,000 won on Wednesday, July 18 in advance for all 3 games!
Here are the teams for the tourny!
Goalies to be determined on game day!
Team A - Ryan's Rockstars
Dark Jerseys - with hidden racing stripes
충희 (chung-Hee) F     현석 (Hyunsak) F     태성 (Tae-sung) F
승호 (sungho) F          Dugal Monk F               Ryan C F
Ian Puller F
경일 (Kyung-il) D     Jason Tambo D
 Mike McCarthy D    Seungmo Park D

Team B - Tainted Tommies
White Jerseys - with racing stripes
준영 (Jun) F            종학 (Jong-Hak) F     선호 (Sun-ho) F
Patrick Dynan F     Si Young Roh F            Big D F
Tommy Aaron F – Only July 25                 Cutting Shears F

현진 (Hyun-Jin) D     지성 (Ji-sung) D/ HeeJun Sunday only
준호 (Jun ho) D       Jason Hunt D

Alright Chiefs, it's time for an inter-squad tourney. We're going to aim for 2 teams and a best of 3 match up at the end of this month (July 18, 22 and 25) Make sure that you can play all 3 dates!
Sign up on facebook or send me an email with your name, position and level of awesomeness from 1-5. Go Chiefs!

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