Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Presenting: The Daegu, Pot of Gold Challenge


Remember that trip to Daegu last November? Well, it's time for another! We're looking for a win but most importantly, a good time.

The KTX will be departing for Daegu on March 16th around 8-9pm. It takes us an hour to get down there and we'll be staying at the Crown Tourist Hotel. The hockey game is on Saturday the 17th at 9pm and we'll be coming back around 2 or 3 pm on Sunday. If you cannot make it Friday and you want to come Saturday you'll have to book your own ticket.

The Daegu Thunderbirds, will be making a small trophy for this game and we'll hopefully be able to add to the hardware at the Rocky Mountain Tavern. We hope to make this a tradition around St.Patrick's day every year. Along the way we may even be able to add more teams. This time around it will be called, "The First Annual, Pot of Gold Challenge" between The Daegu Thunderbirds and the RMT Chiefs.

There is no limit to the amount of people who come, but there is a limit for the game roster. Let me know as soon as you know. The best way to book your spot is through emailing Let us know your needs: KTX, Hotel, player?

Should be another good time! We don't need luck...just give us the puck

T-bone #3
Roster: FULL
Cris "Elmer"
Craig R
Darren "big D"
Eric Johnston
Lee Wong
Jeff S.
Michelle L
Marc R.


Anonymous said...

is there any body who is interested in leaving on the 17th, as i work until 10pm on friday.
and T bone, do you have a team pic from singapore?

matt bell

Terry said...

What are costs of hotel and KTX? Saturday is a possibility for me if hotels are costly. I am not 100% I can go yet.

Aaron G said...

I am seriously thinking about this. Like Terry said, do we have any price ranges for this?

Anonymous said...

The KTX return is around 70-80 bucks. The hotels are 50 bucks a night.


Terry said...

Is that round trip?

Lee said...

Put me in coach...I need to leave Saturday or a late on Friday..Work till 8:40

Ryan said...

You guys should walk all over the Daegu team with this roster. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

lee let's go together on saturday.

Sparky hook with a chick so we can have a place to crash for a night. smiles


Anonymous said...

I am 3 for 3 on road trips and 2 for 2 in Daegu. Batting a cool 1.000. We'll see what I can do Karl. Haha.