Monday, June 25, 2012

Chiefs vs Geckos Saturday, June 30 from10am-12 in mokdong

Chiefs vs Geckos on Saturday, June 30 from 10am-12. We've got Lemur in the pipes. Sign up on facebook(name/position) or send me an email.

Saturday morning roster, mokdong from 10am-12:
The roster is full!
If you are signed up for the game you are responsible for paying whether you show up or not!
So if you want to back out send me an email pronto or you are on the hook!
Good luck Chief's! Squash them geckos!
Hee Jun           Jun Lee            Ben Bomer
Patrick Dynan    Dugal Monk       Kyung
Big "D"             Mike Tracy       Scotty "Too Hotty"

Jason Hunt         Jason Tambo
Tom Peckford     Tommy Aaron

Blair "Lemur"

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