Friday, June 01, 2012

Chiefs hockey Sunday, June 3rd from 9:30-11am!

Chiefs Sunday morning hockey! We played some outstanding 4 on 4 hockey! We had Pete and The Manager in net and they were evenly matched. There were some spectacular spills and the top 3 were: 1. Tambo tossed his stick in the air his knees started to shake and he tried to touch his toes as his feet flew up in the air and he sat down hard on his well cushioned ass. Nice job Tambo! 2. Monk rushed up the ice and just before he crossed the blue line into our end he showed us that he was capable of doing the splits and we questioned his manhood. It may be time to book a physical Monk! 3. I had a sure break away when my fast moving feet got the better of me and I proceeded to do a face plant skid across the red line and in front of the oppositions bench. Well played Ryan! And the honorable mention goes out to Tommy for lining up Kyong for the dirtiest, nastiest clean hit. No body checking Tommy! Good game Chiefs and thanks to those that skated this morning! 
Sunday, June 3rd 9:30~11:00am 
Goalies - Jason "The Manager"              vs                         Pete "r The Great"

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