Sunday, May 06, 2012

Chiefs vs Falcons results

Wow! What a game! Chiefs vs Falcons vs Yonsei vs the Korean National team! Even worse was the fact that 3 Chiefs(Traitors) turned their backs on the Chiefs and played for the rivals(Jun, Tom, and Lemur). The enemy got off to a quick start and jumped out to a 4 nothing lead. It was time for the Chiefs to regroup, so we made some adjustments on forward and defense and went to work. After we scored a few and they scored a few the score board revealed it was 7-3 for the ringers. They clearly didn't deserve the lead with their fancy passes and laser shots picking corners. But the stake in the heart was Lemur being just stretchy enough for the other team. WTF! The one thing that the Chiefs had in spades was HEART! We played our hearts out, but we just couldn't claw our way back from that 4 goal outburst at the start. Howser tried his best in the pipes but admittedly, he didn't provide the support he needed. Final score, 10-6, but the ref ignored 1 of our goals for some strange reason despite our desperate finger pointing at the net and yelling, "goal, goal!" with sticks raised in celebration. So, we'll call it 10-7. Great effort Chiefs! We'll get'em next time!

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