Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, May 6th - 10am-11:30 Game vs Falcons Round 3

Chiefs                                                                 vs                                         Falcons


Chief's hockey game against the Falcons on Sunday from 10am-11:30. 9 forwards and 4 defense. Sign up in the comment section or email?:  We also need a ref for the game, so if you want to volunteer for that let me know. Please include your name and position. The roster will be posted below:

0 spots left

Kyong                Ryan C                  Tommy Aaron
D. Monk             Adam Licata           Vic Mui
Patrick D            Jun Jaewon            Big "D"

Jason Hunt               Jason Tambo
Seungmo Park          Chad Harnett          



Kyle "Howser"  he packs a punch!

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