Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hackers Cup Schedule

8:20-9:05pm Chiefs 2 vs Geckos
9:10-9:55pm Chiefs 1 vs Geckos
10-10:20pm Zamboni Break
10:25-11:10 Chiefs 2 vs Chiefs 1
11:15-12am Busan vs Tokyo

8:20-9:05pm Tokyo vs Daejeon
9:10-9:55pm Busan vs Chiefs 1
10pm-10:20pm Zamboni Break
10:25-11:10pm Chiefs 2 vs Tokyo
11:15pm-12 Geckos vs Daejeon

8AM-8:45 Busan vs Daejeon
8:50-9:50am Semi 1 1st vs 4th
9:50-10am Zamboni Break
10:05-11:05am Semi 2 2nd vs 3rd
11:10am-12 Final


Anonymous said...

Hi, will you present all the results as well? I am the father of one of the new players (Swedish)in the Daejeon Team. I am at home in Stockholm, Sweden, so it would be nice to know the results!

Peter Andrén

T-bone said...

sorry Peter, I was real busy during the tournament to post the scores. I did get to meet your son though !
take care