Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday March 8th CHIEFS vs CHIEFS

Everyone can join this game!! I just ask that you try and let us know you're coming so we can make teams before hand. There will be refs just to make it a bit more competitive.
The time is 10am-12pm UPSTAIRS CHIEFS dark vs CHIEFS white
Sign up here or email
Roster in no order so far is....
Tomorrow(sun8th) is the Chiefs white vs dark friendly. Ice time is from 10am be ready for 10 ! We've got 2 refs to keep you in check and to just make it more fun...
Warm-up 10:15am to 10:25
1st Period 10:25-10:55
2nd Period 11am-11:30
3rd Period 11:35-12pm
Chiefs Team White=
Claude in Nets
Tbone PeterM BenB HeeJoon ThomasG AaronG RyanC Kyong MattB TimW NickSP CoreyN Michele GaryE

Chiefs Team Blue=
Eddie in Nets
TallPaul ScottN Jack PaulA Dean Glen Lexi AlF DanA Karl RyanW JoonTaek TommyA Rick


nick said...

We're in!! Nick and Dean

Anonymous said...

the gay couple is in?

Morningcalls said...

I can play too :) Thomas

Eddie said...

You guys still don't have a 2nd goalie? I'll play. You guys can have rebound tries off my new pads.


Claude said...

We are so gonna win this thing!!!